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And.....it still sucks!   Quit Support

Started 11/1/19 by 4quitness; 1293 views.

From: 4quitness


So, we came back a day early from vacation. I hated almost every minute we were gone. I started having bad cravings within 2 hrs. of hitting the road. I was miserable the whole time. Every gas station was like a slap in the face. There were SO many of them! I am on day 115 and will be hitting the 4 mth. mark next week. What is wrong with me!? I am back home in my comfortable, secure little nest. I can restart my routine and I'm still unhappy. I am just not feeling normal at all. I still want to smoke! I saw people smoking at a rest stop, and I stood near them trying to inhale their smoke. How pathetic is that!? I actually got teary and angry again. I can only think the problem lies in the fact that I left my routine I had securely established. I stayed at home, slept, ate, read, watched tv, and went to the gym 6 days a week. That's it! Nothing else if I could avoid it. 

It really makes me angry that I have worked so hard on this quit, and I deserved a vacation. To be so unhappy and miserable the whole time was the worst. I do see why some people relapse. The sadness can just be too much. I did NOT cave though. I just want to know where the relief is, and why at almost 4 months I still can't function like a normal person?


Killed the beast 7/9/19

Hi Michele yes it will still suck even at four months as we are all different and some people have more nicotine receptors than others. The blues are miserable totally!!!! Have you kept a journal and written everything you've experienced as it helps you see how far you've come and there really is a difference from when you started your quit. The blues will lift but the craves will still hit you out of nowhere right up to a year or a little more. My life totally changed for the better after 14 months as I no longer had the jitters, anxiousness, stomach pains, and my blue moods totally disappeared. 

This is a wicked tough drug addiction and we all struggle because of it. Hang in there as you'll never regret getting free. No one ever said this was going to be easy and we have to go through every season as a nonsmoker till we really live as an exsmoker. 

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)



   I am sending big hugs your way and wish I knew just the right thing to do or say to help.  All I can say is that we both smoked for 46 years and it will probably take longer than 2 or 4 months for us to feel normal.  46 YEARS of slavery, helping big tobacco get rich, not doing anything without a smoke.  What did it get us ?  COPD !!  Feeling like we can't live life without some glorified weed rolled up in paper !!  Feeling unable to express ourselves without a cig in our hand !!  Thinking we aren't worth the work to be free from this horrible addiction !!  46 YEARS of nothing worth while.  All we can really do is go forward, Michele.  I would really like to breathe on my own until I leave this earth.  As they say, "  If you're  going through hell, keep going ".


From: Amicahomi


You're a brave truth-teller to express this frustration and still maintain your quit.  Like you, I experienced an extended period of anger and moodiness.  (Difference was, I didn't want to smoke - just tear down the whole world, lol.)  All I can say is that tomorrow is my 7-month mark smoke-free and things are much better.  I wish the same - and better - for you.  Meantime, your fortitude is admirable.  Please soldier on, it's worth it to get clean.


From: l1717mary


Hi Michele

Remember one thing u are doing great keep going keep saying to your self that you are not going back.

You dont want to be that slave to NICK he is not worth it.

You are worth it in every way you can do it talk to your self off how far you have come.

That what I say to myself when I am at my lowest time and that seems to bring me back this could go on for the whole day. Give your self a tap on the shoulder keep going.

Remember you are not the only one on this journey we are in this together wishing u all the best.

Mary 329 days

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


I met a man in Italy in 2008 who had stopped smoking.  I asked him how he quit.

He said: "I didn't.  I'm still a smoker.  I just didn't have one yesterday, and I haven't had one today.  It's been that way for 20 years now."

It seems like you're linking physical nicotine addiction with the psychological craving of a cigarette. If you remove the first, then the next will surely fall into place.

It does not work that way.  So think about the psychological craving, and what it is you want from that moment. It's probably the dopamine hit.

Here is a link to the 10 Best Ways to Increase Dopamine Levels Naturally.

This site was the best one that did not require you to communicate with chipmunks and surround yourself with "essential" oils.


From: sweetstuff76


I was really hoping that your vacation was going to help,  I know it came with triggers because it's the first time as a non smoker but was hoping the change in scenery, distractions and being busy would help. 

I'm not expert because this is my first quit and a little behind you in weeks but I'm wondering if the reason you are finding it soo hard is that you are just a non smoker and not a happy non smoker if that makes sense , you are using soo much willpower still to stay quit and burning yourself out because you would rather smoke and by constantly resisting its making the urge stronger to smoke . I know we have to protect our quit and not get complacent but perhaps your life is too consumed by your quit , by sticking to such a rigid routine it's kind of auto pilot now so it's not keeping the mind busy enough , being on vacation was out of that routine and it caused you problems because you were fixated on your quit . The mindset hasnt shifted to wanting and enjoying being a non smoker so you are still feeling deprived,  lost and angry . Again I dont know but I think the mindset change helps soo much or you are just sitting and waiting for some switch to change where your brain forgets you smoked , you will reach milestones and still question why you feel the way you do until that mindset changes  . I still say that 3 months in to a quit isn't that long to heal/adjust ( it is in the actual quit )so patience with the process and try enjoy life whilst on your quit journey or those low moods will really get hold . It’s learning to do all the things you did as a smoker as a non smoker now and realising you CAN still enjoy them if not more now . I still struggle too but In different ways , I don’t want to smoke and I am happier and feel the freedom but I can’t say I feel healthy , me sleep is just awful and so is my stomach at times but I know it will all come together and my focus is my mental health , keeping busy and doing some fun things even if I don’t feel up to it 

Hang in there xx  

Quit july 23rd 2019


From: QuitJul19


Nothing is wrong with you! I won't try to give you a pep talk. This is a long, hard journey and it sucks. I still have terrible times. Genetics, mental health issues and a whole lot of other things determine how hard this is for someone. We all say we smoked for this number of years but I had parents that smoked as well and it's literally been a part of my life since I was born. I said I'd never do it, but I fell into the trap. It's a lot of untangling and what a mess it is. I have it all, the mental heath aspect, genetics and whatever other ties. We are going to make it!!  Do not let it define your existence anymore. We will come out next July on the other side of this. It's only about 8 months away now!!

07-12-19 dizzydizzydizzy

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From: KalyaRed


Hi Michele 

I'm sorry you're going through this. 

It really sucks sometimes, but years of conditioning your brain to feel rewarded after a smoke won't be rewritten in four months, unfortunately. 

I felt like that two weeks ago and I did cave. I wish I could tell you how non rewarding those cigarettes were... You're being strong and brave. I don't think it's pathetic at all to get teary and angry. 

I only once got to six months. Yet just like Debbie said, cravings would come out of the blue and one of them was too strong for me. 

You're fighting a mental illness to all effect. You're fighting an addiction. That's extremely hard. 

I don't know what to say to make you see how strong you're being. The thing is it does take incredible strength to pass through this. But someone who takes the leap after all those years smoking certainly has that strength even if you don't believe it right now.

July25 (Canwedothis)

From: July25 (Canwedothis)


Hey good morning,

I have no answer for you.  But PLEASE keep trying.  I am a July quiter also.  I have smoked over 50 years.  This is not an easy road. There are some places i go and when i don't have to take cigs along i feel what an accomplishment.   This weekend went to socially visit friends.  I felt like only part of me showed up at the event.  Yes i felt lost.   I feel like crying at times because i miss my friend that was killing me.  I miss my friend thst was stinking me up.  I miss my friend that was keeping weight under control.  I miss my friend that kepy my money spent up!!!!  Do i m8ss my friend??? Honestly   "oh hell yes!!  Do i need friends like that NO!!  so to this i say  WE NEED TO KEEP TRYING THIS IS A FIGHT FOR OUR WELL BEING!!  i wish i could just flip a switch and make everything ok for you. keep trying and best wishes.

Quit july 25