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Can't wait to be Done   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Nov-2 by Jonny84; 645 views.

From: Jonny84


I can't believe I started again!!  I quit for a year and a half and started again last February.  Been smoking again since.  I really want to quit again.  Being a smoker really does stink!  I am using the patch to quit  - but the withdrawal still sucks.  The anxiety - the dry mouth - the cravings - the stomach issues - not sleeping good.  Just can't wait for another day to pass.  My main release is going to the gym - but because I am getting over a virus and bad cut on finger is healing - I can't go until at least Monday.  How are all of you recent quitters holding up?


From: turtles


I have to ask if just because I need to protect my seven month quit.  What were the circumstances that got you started again last February?
im at 7 months and not craving at all, so if I started again I feel like it would be a definite decision to do so, not just a reaction.


From: Jonny84


It was a brutal winter.  Cabin fever, anxiety - for some reason I was convinced that I had to smoke - it had been coming on for a week or so - and this thought just kept growing in my mind that I had to have one.  It felt good and tasted good at the time - but it just lead to more and more and before I knew it - I was smoking full time again.  Huge mistake!!


From: MarkOU812


No such thing as one cigarette, that travel in packs.

If I have one cigarette I will be back where I started, and where I started is desperately wanting to be where I am today.

Couple diddy's that keep me going.

Keep the faith 


From: Jonny84


Thanks Mark - Ya - there is never such a thing as just having 1 - I love that saying!   Patience will get us through!!!!!!!


From: faceit


Hang in there jonny84!  I'm only on day 5 cold turkey and I can't tell you the amount of times I have quit for long periods of time and started right back up.  I guess I have to admit that I'm powerless over nicotine, I can't control it period and give it up to Great Spirit. Still battling with insomnia.  I'm going to go to a steam room today and sweat out all that junk out of my system.  Also, started taking a yoga class and read the list of benefits of quitting on this forum every day.  Good luck and remember time is on your side protect your quit like your life depends on it because it does!!!


From: Molly010


Thanks for your post.  That is the one thing I always worry about - the "just one" thought.  It almost got me at 5 months and it really makes you realize that you have to protect your quit all the time.  I hope you are able to quit soon.  You did it once, you can certainly do it again!


From: Jonny84


Thanks Molly - I am trying so hard!!  Today is really tough


From: Windstoner


I'm glad you posted this. I'm at 5 months nicotine free and I have noticed a pattern. I can go a very long time not thinking about smoking at all. Then, one thought kind of repeats and expands. When it gets to the worst, it usually dies out. Then I go for days again without thinking about it and forget about the "cravings " until it happens again. I just have to keep a close eye and those thoughts!