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I will start tomorrow   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Nov-4 by Deluz; 885 views.

From: Deluz



My name is Melissa. I was on here a couple months ago and went back to smoking. Damn it. I also quit last week and lost it Sunday with a huge emotional meltdown. I just moved from my cute little artsy town to the country. Why? I am a city girl...it was a feeling that I needed to do it. So I trust that. Very beautiful, and lonely (huge smoking triggers as smoking numbs boredom and loneliness for me).

Anyway, I start again with patches tomorrow. I have read the Easy Way to Quit Smoking several times, have this forum (which I am going to post on daily), and a plethora of YouTube videos to keep me on track.

Good luck to me, good luck to you. Let's be free!

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Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Welcome back, Melissa.  Tell yourself  " I can and I will do this " and take it just one day at a time.  Post on the NOPE pledge daily and hold yourself to that promise.  It will get easier the farther you get away from that last smoke.  YOU CAN DO THIS !! relaxed

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From: alexisfree


Awesome work Melissa!  I told myself many times: "I will keep quitting until one sticks!"  That's the way!  Sounds like you also have a lot of tools in your tool kit - good work.  I also am an advocate for drinking ice water thru a straw, chocolate, and walking.  But this forum has been invaluable to say the least.  Best of luck to you!

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From: Jonny84


U got this Melissa!!   It is a difficult process - but OMG - I am only 10 days in and you just cannot believe how much easier it is to breathe!!  It's crazy - So worth it!

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From: MarkOU812


It's the country girl just trying to get out. Moon lit walks and all the stars out. I miss that. The country is there to build stuff and grow stuff and hunt stuff. Not sure how country you moved, but normally something always needs paint raking trimming rearranging..... let your imagination run amok lol.

Also as your sniffer gets better, no car fumes. All that fresh air. Unless your next to a pig or dairy farm. Then, well, you get used to it.

Keep the faith Milissa, Life is good and even better if your good to your life. Seems to me your determined to do just that. 

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Hello.  Wishing you happy non smoking days.  This forum is the place to be.

Aussie Viv         quit 24 aug.

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From: candrew


My name is Andrew. I have been a member of this site for quite some time but never had the courage to post. I finally realized that I  need to reach out for help because my way has not worked. I believe I know the reasons why I smoke. Allen Carr has helped me identify my motivations but in the end it  is simply a decision. All the reasons disappear when I take that first puff after a period of absence. My journal has many pages that say the same thing, TIME TO QUIT !

I too have used Allen Car's Easyway book and on-line seminars. Excellent stuff, I made it for a month in 2018. I'm not sure why I started back up but one thing is clear I am a drug addict and that will never go away. I can  fight it with willpower but in the end will fail. The thought that I may end up smoking the rest of my life is unacceptable. I love myself too much to let  this happen.

Melissa, I applaud  your persistence. Good luck or rather stick  to your guns, It  is supposed to get easier as we progress into a new life without cigarettes.  

Still trying......



From: MarkOU812


Hey Andrew,

I feel your frustration. After 39 years this is the 1st quit that lasted more then a day or 2 and there has been dozens of them. This site has been a tremendous help. Read, read, reread, and post. 1 thing I did that also helped was to right a contract with myself, if I DID NOT quit. I promise to; always stink, always cough and hack crap up making others cringe, to do my best to be on oxygen, to die of lung cancer at an early age, to not be able to be at my kids/grandkids life events like weddings and graduations, to be a burden to my family, to interrupt wonderful moments and conversations

That's just a part of my list, I'm sure you can come up with your own. I don't want another cigarette, but my addiction does and when it's voice gets to loud I read the contract and decide if I'm going to sign it. 

I am also on the patch and that seems to be of help.

Glad you are still trying and that you are here. Together we can beat this. Keep the faith.

10/13/2019 I stopped poisoning myself 



From: candrew


Thanks for your response. As I mentioned this is the first time I have posted to Delphi. It seems like a wonderful site for us suffering souls.

This no joke. Many of us will end up with some terrible disease as a result of our smoking. God has spared me for the time being.  After buying

a carton of my brand,  which happens to contain the most  nicotine  on the market. (not to mention the other things that make up our poison)

If you get a chance I would like to see your contract. It souls like something that I might be able to use. I can't find a post I made earlier today,

so I am pasting to this  thread. I hope it can help someone out there. 


Why do I want to quit smoking? 11/5/2019

I have been asking this question since I started smoking for some 40 years ago. I am in relatively good shape physically. Why have I smoked for so long? Initially, I wanted to be cool among my friends. It never occurred to me that I would be smoking as long as I have. I'll never forget seeing a friend just  getting out of bed and lighting a cigarette. It grossed me out and I said to myself that I would never

smoke. I was in high school at the time.

My motivation to quit is simple. I want to live the remainder of my life without worrying about all the diseases that are associated with prolonged smoking. I have a serious coughing problem, it is kind of scary. I can feel my lungs each time I cough. Its insane.

I feel less than my fellows. I dream of waking up in bed with an oxygen machine next to me. Quitting smoking is probably the reason that I continue to smoke. I am terrified to death of quitting. I view it as one of the most difficult life challenges that I must OVERCOME! But I am strong willed and God willing, I will see this through together. My cigarettes are with me at all times when I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, a true companion (not).

Over the years I have tried several methods to quit. On-line seminars, books, smoking forums, NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) I have had so many failures that it seems redundant to keep trying. I wonder if I am going to ever going to quit. I need to stop this feeling that I will not be able to quit and live a normal life. You can overcome anything Andrew!

Why am I afraid to quit smoking?


I am afraid of quitting. How am I going to survive without my beloved cigarettes? I really do covet them greatly and can't imagine doing without them. Health wise I am doing better each day since almost dying in Life Support (not smoking related). This is why I need to get rid of this disgusting habit (addiction). Now is my chance.


I have to muster as much courage as I can to fight this thing. Its time to REALLY quit cigarettes.

My body is trying to tell me something. I cough day and night, my skin looks like an alligator hide, my color looks terrible and not to mention I stink all the time. My breathing is difficult and I wease much of the day. And I wake up at night coughing for hours.


My energy is sapped due to repeated smoking. From the moment that I wake to the time I go

to bed, I am smoking My energy level is so low that I have little interest in physical

activities. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is reach for my pack of smokes.

Will I have to do this for the rest of my life? My fear is to wake up one morning hooked up to

an oxygen machine. I fear the most is not being able to breathe. I experience difficulty

especially in the morning.

Self esteem

My self esteem is affected many ways. Much is the way I feel about myself being a smoker.

Everyone I know has either quit or never started. I have always felt less than my peers because of my addiction.

Why am I so lucky? I am missing so much in life and have a boatload of shame associated with my habit. It's so unnecessary. It's time......

Why today?

Why not? I have been trying to quit smoking for years. I thought that once I quit that it

would be final. I've tried to quit no less than 7 times in my life with little success.

There is nothing final about that. It has been a tough time since I moved to Florida some 12

years ago. Everything from various alcohol rehabs, detoxes and psyc wards culminating

with a 8 day stay in ICU and Life Support from which I almost died. I made the decision

to stop the madness and put the bottle away. Smoking is another story.

Work in process

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