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Extra Help   Quit Support

Started 11/8/19 by Tjs1599; 210 views.

From: Tjs1599


I am new to this forum and so glad I found it....I am 7 days nicotine free.  It has been so hard with the stomach issues and sleep not making any sense at all (if I get any).  I am just looking for some extra support as I go day by day.  I HAD smoked for 40 years as of 7 days ago and going cold turkey.  Cravings aren't bad at all YET.  I truly have no desire to lite one up.  I am just having emotional and physical issues.  Stomach pains, gas, bloating on and off for the last 7 days.  My emotions are all over the place at times.  I sat in the hot bath last night and had the best cry after I discovered this forum.  Everything I read helped me through last night and just wanted to say thank you all out there.  I can do this I know but I also know that I need support from others that have gone through this.  NOPE.....any words of wisdom how to calm the stomach? How long does this persist?  Thank you again for the help getting through last night. : )

I had that pain in the stomach and it is a very irritated nicotine receptor but it takes months till it dies down. Some of us need laxatives for the constipation and sluggish bowels but it will get better in a few weeks as all the toxic tar and chemicals from years of smoking get cleared out. You might get a sore throat and a cough as your smoke damaged cells slough off and your cilia (tiny hairlike structures) regrow. Your skin will look better, you are able to take deeper breaths and no longer stink like an ashtray. The only way is forward with no more excuses and a firm determination to end your drug addiction. This is one of the toughest things you will overcome. If this was easy, everyone would be quit. One day at a time is all we can do so just get through today and get to bed smoke free. Read everything and stay on track focusing on a future where smoking was something you used to do but know better now. Life is freer as an exsmoker. The anxiety of the quit is real and those stomach pains are tied up with it. Only lots of quit time will fix it as our brain rewires and our body no longer craves cigarettes. Stay busy, do lots of deep breathing and drink lots of water to help flush out all the poisons from all those cigarettes. I wish you a successful journey.

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From: Tjs1599


Thank you for explaining why the stomach issues happen.  I feel much more relaxed now and know it too will pass. Thank you again.