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Feeling normal   Quit Support

Started 11/8/19 by Lainie (elaineadele); 346 views.
Lainie (elaineadele)

From: Lainie (elaineadele)


When will I start to feel normal?


From: Haajas75


Kinda funny.... after 26 years of everyday revolving around smoking ....what is normal?


From: Belinda2019


I was driving home yesterday, thinking about what I needed to do when I got there - lol realising I didn’t need to light up - following the thought pattern along, it hit me - I didn’t have any cravings, and I didn’t feel any different to when I was a smoker!! 

And I think that’s it. We wait for this magical time when we feel ‘better’ or ‘different’ or life becomes this magical fairyland....but that’s not going to happen. We’ll still be the same people we were, only without the addiction, and without the almost constant thinking about the cigarette/cigar/tobacco. And that’s the ‘normal’. We’ll still get angry, or sad, or happy etc and our first thought won’t be for the cigarette/cigar/tobacco. We’ll just feel/deal with what we’re feeling, whether that’s by shouting, crying, laughing. 

So I think we’re already ‘back to normal’, we just need to push the thoughts of smokes out of the way xx

And remember NOPE sunflowersunflowersunflower

Lainie (elaineadele)

From: Lainie (elaineadele)


I’m I My 3rd month and my head is still messed up.  I don’t have cravings, but I am still anxious and going thru withdrawal symptoms..

When will this end..?