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Eight days smober   General Chit-Chat

Started 11/10/19 by Redmare57; 238 views.

From: Redmare57


Greetings.  My name is Paula and I’m 8 days smober.  I started smoking at age 19 and am now 62.  My longest quit was 7 years.  Eight days ago I started coughing and wheezing so threw out my smokes and put on the patch. Twelve hours later at 1:30 am I couldn’t breathe so drove myself to the ER. 

I was discharged after 4 hours.  Chest X-ray was negative for pneumonia.  Diagnosis was acute bronchitis.  I was given 2 Albuterol treatments and 60mg of Prednisone in the ED with a 5 day script of Prednisone.  Monday I saw my primary physician who gave me another breathing treatment, along with a home nebulizer to use every 4-6 hours.  I was not released to go back to work for 7 days.

Scared straight.  Scared of not smoking,  but the fear of living my life unable to breathe is even scarier.  I have friends who love me, and a cat and a horse that I love and want to enjoy.  I want to be healthy for my friends and family.

According to my quit o meter I’ve saved over $80, not smoked over 100 cigarettes, and haven’ t wasted over 1,000 minutes.

Take care everyone. 



From: Ovivi


Welcome, Paula! 
I hope you’re breathing better.  Congratulations on making a great decision to place yourself and your health above the addiction to nicotine! 
Wishing you happier days ahead.

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Good to have you with us, Paula.  Hope the breathing is improving and a big congrats on your quit.  Take it one day at a time and stick close to the forum.  You can do this.


From: SusanK1960


Hi Paula,

Hopeful you are feeling much better, both breathing and nicotine free!  If you need help, information, etc. this is the place to look/ask.