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Formerly known as the About.com Smoking Cessation support forum, this community is open to all who are recovering from nicotine addiction.

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Started 11/10/19 by StaceyHare; 1661 views.

From: Belinda2019


I’m still having moments, 4 weeks in. The receptors are shutting down, and they will kick you as they go....

Hang in there, truly the very worst is behind you, in the constancy of it all. Try and tell yourself ‘for today I will not smoke’ and remember how awful it was when you did. Deep breaths and NOPE - we’re all on your side xx


From: Tjs1599


Thank you SusanK...I am 2 weeks quit and I had been struggling to understand the urges that come over me.  Your phrase of "undoing your memory of smoking" hit right where I needed it.  Felt a urge and just said to myself .... another step to undoing the memories.  Thank you so much.  I got this now with that thought guiding me.

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


My first couple of weeks were tough, got better by a month and this last month MUCH better.  Still have the occasional meltdown, but for the most part I am getting back to normal.  Hang in there, it does get better.