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Cough after quitting   Quit Support

Started 11/10/19 by Haajas75; 289 views.

From: Haajas75


My brother quit year ago after 31 years said day 7 to bout day 18 he coughed so much he thought he was coughing up his lungs....I'm on day 14-15 not even a little cough (never really had a smokers cough) IS THIS NORMAL ? Not to have a cough clearing my lungs after 26/27 years of smoking


From: SusanK1960



i smoked for 40 years, have had no cigs for 28 days, and I am not coughing like you described.  I did cough today and a bit came up, but I coughed more when I was smoking. 

im going to say that I have noticed from reading different posts, not everyone has the same thing at the same time.

my body will attempt to get rid of the yuck when I get my lungs healed and ready for the clearing, is my guess.  


From: leighmomof2


Hi, congrats on being a non smoker for 2 weeks! I never got that quitters cough that most people get. I smoked for over 20 years.  I kept waiting for it as confirmation my lungs were clearing. It never did happen!  I suppose there is no “normal”. Every “body” is different!! 
keep doing what you are doing mainly not smoking!!! 


From: MarkOU812


Smoked for 39 years. I could cough something up pretty much on command. After I quit, within 3-4 days, my lungs stopped producing an over abundance of phlegm.  Occasional felt like I wanted to cough but nothing there. Felt more like a scratch at the back of throat. But that has cleared up now at a month. When I did get the urge to cough and there was nothing I did need to focus and breath till the urge went away, if I hadn't I may have gone into a coughing fit. One thing that felt weird for me is how watery/thinner my saliva got. My just be me haven't heard anyone else mention that. Anyhow congrats to you and your brother. Keep the faith.