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1 is too many, 10,000 are not enough....   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-18 by Belinda2019; 145 views.

From: Belinda2019


I love this, it has been my mantra for this evening as the nico daemon has writhed through my brain after work.....

And so I pledge NOPE at 8.17pm AEST on Monday, 18th November 2019. 

Seized the Day 17th October 2019 dizzy

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From: Belinda2019


This is still my mantra at times as I hit 7 weeks....

Other mantras

- a craving is just a thought, and thoughts can be controlled

- a cigarette only smells nice when you’re a non smoker (how true is this for me!! Have loved the smell of a freshly lit smoke since I was a tiny child!) and it never smells that good when you smoke

- NOPE (of course)

- it does nothing for you, but takes everything away

- look at how much more relaxed you are socially and at work now, do you really want to go back to feeling how you were?

- every day, no matter how awful, if it’s smoke free, it was a good day

- and EFT, it works


Seized the day 17th October 2019