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Having a weak moment    General Chit-Chat

Started 11/28/19 by ashleydiana2; 582 views.

From: ashleydiana2



I quit cold turkey in September and it’s almost been 3 months since my last cigarette. I have been doing well with cravings, but today has been a real struggle. My boyfriend and I broke up over the weekend and all I want to do is smoke now... I don’t know what to ask for from this forum. Just hoping that being honest about this moment of weakness will somehow help me get through it. 

Keep Going!! You are almost through the worst part of the quit. Don't let Anything Or Anyone sabotage your quit. My husband always pushed my buttons but This Time I said no way no how I will not let him sabotage my quit I will stay quit no matter what crap comes my way. I developed a bring it on attitude and showed my husband that I would quit and I did. He quit cigarettes but does vaping and he's still hooked on nicotine and he makes his own Vape liquids and he's still an addict and needs that fix. Me on the other hand I don't need that oral satisfaction or need to inhale those addictive poisons and I am free and loving it. 

Once you get through the toughest months just keep going as you'll never regret it. Keep reading everything and stay close to the forum so you stick with your quit for good.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: SusanK1960


Hi AshleyDiana,

I am sorry to hear that you are having stress.  I have included a couple of articles, that may help.  



Please remember that having one cigarette does not relieve the stress, it only adds to it.

This is my favorite saying from this forum:  if I have just one, I will be right back where I started and where I started was desperately wishing where I could be where I am today!

I hope tomorrow is a bit better.



From: Belinda2019


Hi Ashleydiana

I’ve been exactly where you are now - 6 years ago, 3 months quit cold turkey, and my 20 year marriage collapsed. 

If I learned anything from the major relapse I had back then it would be - stick to your guns, DON’T let nico demon win!!

I agree with both Deb and Susan 

1. Do not let anyone push you over the edge and back into that madness

2. If you have ‘just one’ you’ll be right back at square one with nico demon

3. Smoking does NOT ease stress, it only appears to do that by easing the addiction

4. You are not craving the cigarette, you are craving the ‘aaahhhh’ you USED to get when you fed the addiction. You are actually no longer physically addicted, this is your mental addiction speaking

Please, keep breathing deeply, and repeat NOPE like a mantra

I really hope you feel better xx


From: Jpatrick1996


Don't give in. Never give in....you'll feel terrible and just have to eventually start all over again.......if you're lucky enough to get the chance....we don't get endless chances.

My spouse was less than supportive of my quit and remains so to this day. She had no problem speaking up about all the negative things about smoking while I was an active addict though.

I didn't even try to understand why, just used it as a tool to keep me quit. Spite..........it has worked wonderfully for me. I possibly may have given in to my own temptations over the last few months, but there is no way I would give anyone the satisfaction of seeing me return to smoking. NO WAY!

Keep up the good work!


Quit - July 16th, 2019

ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi Ashley,

Smoking will not help you with your boyfriend but it will put you back where you started.  

3 months is a tough period in our quits .  Hold on and do the deep breathing, running, anything but smoke.  You can do this.

"As smokers, we always treated stress with nicotine. We used it to calm us, and we thought it helped us deal with difficult issues more efficiently. That's not true, but we self-medicated with nicotine so often, the response (and associations) became ingrained. Significant stress can bring urges to smoke up to the surface, even for those of us with a lot of smoke-free time under our belt"s.

How to Stay Smoke-Free In Times of Extraordinary Stress

How Deep Breathing Can Reduce Stress


From: ashleydiana2


Dear all,

Thank you very much for your kind words of support. I made it through the urge! I’m so happy to still be smoke free!


From: Belinda2019


Ashleydiana - that is such wonderful news!! I’m so proud for you - you are a legend tadatadatadatadatada


From: Haajas75


I'm going thru similar situation...I don't know yours but I tell my self if I smoke because of them then they win...I would hate to see them win...so I say no then I get to go from a bad feeling to a strong feeling