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The 4th month   Quit Support

Started Dec-2 by Lainie (elaineadele); 4560 views.

Well, I hit the 3 mo. Mark today.  I’m still feeling very blue and no energy.  Could some of you tell me what it was like for you between the 3rd and 4th month?


From: baysedge


I felt like i was starting to gain momentum in my quit. There were still days I was consumed with the thought of cigarettes but not a constant urge.  I knew I could fight it. I breathed thru a straw I took a shot of whiskey I took a shower ...all thru I knew I had taken my last puff. I was agitated  I was aggravated  and aggravating... but I really knew  I had it beat. Because I had come his far and wasnt letting go of my commitment  to myself.


From: QuitJul19


I had a terrible time during those months. December 12th will be 5 months and I'm just now starting to feel more normal than not. It's a long process so just hang in there.


Could you describe how you we’re feeling?  I feel like my head is in a cloud.  No energy.


From: l1717mary


Good morning Lainie

Well done reaching your 3 months when I was in the early stage I just kept telling myself just get too the 3rd month and after that it will start to smooth out.

I am 4 days short of one year all I can say is focus on the day you are in and keep going it does get better but only with time be proud and give your self a hug. Remember don't take one pull on a cig because you will only be back to were you dont ever want to be. You can do this look at all the people you know that have stopped my mother inlaw was 78 she loved her cig and now she is 84 she has quit over 6 years free.



From: JEM777


I remembered that the terrible 3s were coming (3rd day, 3rd week, 3rd month), so I was more prepared to face month 3 than month 4. For me, months 3 & 4 were extremely difficult. It was warming up, so I wanted to sit outside but couldn't because that was my "smoking corner" and I didn't feel like I could resist the lure of a cigarette yet. It felt like 2 steps forward and 3 back, then 5 forward and 1 back - a dance with the nicodemon I had to remind myself I was too stubborn, too motivated, and too far along to lose. For me, month 5 was when I started feeling more like myself and cigarettes didn't dominate my thoughts.


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From: QuitJul19


I've pretty much slept since July if I'm not at work. I've only done what is absolutely necessary with housework and yard. I just recently feel like I have some energy again. Just hang in there!

How far along are you?  What withdrawal symptoms are you having?  I just feel like crap.  I just don’t feel like myself.  No energy, depressed.  I just hit 3 months today.


From: QuitJul19


December 12 will be 5 months. Not really any withdrawal anymore just kind of still lost at times. I got an antidepressant and anti-anxiety med before I attempted quitting again as I failed before due to those things. It has made things easier. It's still a choice every day to not partake, but after the start of month 4 I had a noticeable improvement in my mindset. If you are are still struggling a lot you may need some medication to take the edge off.  If you are on one , maybe a switch is in order. Not everything works for everybody. 

What antidepressant and anti-anxiety meds are you on.  I’ve been on Zoloft and Ativan for years, but they’re not helping now.