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February 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 104693 views.

From: SusanK1960


Kudos Chris!

11 down, one more month to go!  I hope you are feeling sufficiently amazed at your progress in your journey and feeling proud of your accomplishment!  



From: Eve1973


Hey Fellow quitters, 

I’m experiencing some thoughts regarding smoking. How can I explain this? It’s more like I keep thinking about it, and also missing it at times. Thinking about “just one puff”. 

I know I’m not going to.......but just curious if you Susan (since your a lil ahead of me) felt like this also? Or Lore? I just want to know if this is normal thinking. 

I’m serious when I say I don’t want to go back to it! I have so many more positives that has reared its head since I quit. And I know that if I did, I would probably die of cancer. Seen it! Don’t want it! 

Just tell me I’m normal......on my thinking! Lol

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From: Anne2020


Hi Eve,  I have those thoughts once in awhile.  But they are passing thoughts only.  Not cravings or wishful thinking - just a mild mannered thought.  Doesn't fool me though - no way am I getting into that.   I often think of the drug addict that beat cocaine or speed and stayed off of it for years then decide - oh heck- just one hit for old times sake, and booom, their dead.  That is what lighting up a cigarette means to me.  Death on a stick.  

I know you won't go there.  You have worked so hard to get here.  Yah, normal. 

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From: Eve1973


I liked your analogy of the drug addict....that’s what I am! Drug of choice of course is the nicotine. 

It’s more annoying that I’m still having the thoughts......not craves. Glad to know that you also are having thoughts. Maybe not exactly the same but sometimes! Thanx makes me feel better.


From: SusanK1960


Hiya Eve,

I still have thoughts of smoking, not every hour like I did a year ago, but at least once a day.  I have learned how to refocus and not dwell on those thoughts. I think you refocus also.

I have read where other’s say they don’t even think of cigarettes. Im not one of them. If anything, I think of not smoking, which is still thinks of smoking really. Im really happy that smoking is a memory.

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From: Eve1973


YES Susan, well put! 

That’s exactly what I’m experiencing. Ok glad I’m “normal “ lol. 

I was thinking it might be a sign that I may cave.....eventually. Because in past it just consumed my brain/thinking that it was all I could THINK OF! I don’t want that. Right now just a thought.......hope it stays there.


From: Loreficent


Yeah, your normal Eve. Just bob and weave.

Keep in mind that “normal” is a very broad spectrum these days! joy But yeah. I’ve been thinking about it more too and realize that a lot of it is boredom for me right now. 
Maybe you need to read the Dear John letter. Might put a damper on the rolled paper romance. Let me find it again...

Ok, here. Click and read, bob and weave. You got this. Trust yourself. 

  • Edited December 19, 2020 5:06 pm  by  Loreficent

From: Eve1973


Thanks Lor, read it again. I have it booked marked. Yes “normal “ is definitely a broad spectrum but just really wanted to verify I was! Lol......BF may disagree as many others would too

Why are you bored? You are like me a lot, always doing something! I haven’t even tried to decorate for Christmas because I haven’t had time. Then I thought of the repacking everything up, decided oh well. I did think of making a tree, so may do that. I will send you picture if I do! Lol

Anyway thanks again. Hugs! Scarf is very warm, I wore it Thursday! Hugs


From: Anne2020


Truly, I didn't think I would ever be able to quit.  When the quit happened for me, I took it all the way.  Now that I am literately 10 days away from a full year, there is no way, none, that I would ever go back.   Having said that, knowing it to be true, thoughts come up and probably always will.  Not hard thoughts though, just wonderings.  Like I said though, I think of the drug addict who decides to cave - just one more hit - and he/she is found dead in his/her car in the mall parking lot.   I smile at the thought knowing that I now have a real choice.  I don't have to smoke.  Like I used to think I did.   What a blessing this year has been for me.   

Cheers to all of you 2020 quitters - its your year! 


From: gkim


What an accomplishment! One year! Congratulations. I hope I will celebrate my one year next November.