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February 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 97820 views.

From: Eve1973


Thanks Lor, read it again. I have it booked marked. Yes “normal “ is definitely a broad spectrum but just really wanted to verify I was! Lol......BF may disagree as many others would too

Why are you bored? You are like me a lot, always doing something! I haven’t even tried to decorate for Christmas because I haven’t had time. Then I thought of the repacking everything up, decided oh well. I did think of making a tree, so may do that. I will send you picture if I do! Lol

Anyway thanks again. Hugs! Scarf is very warm, I wore it Thursday! Hugs


From: Anne2020


Truly, I didn't think I would ever be able to quit.  When the quit happened for me, I took it all the way.  Now that I am literately 10 days away from a full year, there is no way, none, that I would ever go back.   Having said that, knowing it to be true, thoughts come up and probably always will.  Not hard thoughts though, just wonderings.  Like I said though, I think of the drug addict who decides to cave - just one more hit - and he/she is found dead in his/her car in the mall parking lot.   I smile at the thought knowing that I now have a real choice.  I don't have to smoke.  Like I used to think I did.   What a blessing this year has been for me.   

Cheers to all of you 2020 quitters - its your year! 


From: gkim


What an accomplishment! One year! Congratulations. I hope I will celebrate my one year next November. 


From: Eve1973


10 months wow! Little lady has cracked the whip big time!

Yay I am so proud of you......soon soon it’s coming........


From: Loreficent


Ha! Yes I am cracking that whip big time! (Insert cracking whip sound here joy) So are you! And...we are doing it without heels too. Man. Isn’t it strange to look back? Just feels surreal. We are doing this Eve. Crazy and hectic and nerve wracking for sure, but...empowering and motivating and exciting too, isn’t it? Well, I will say, I do know I wouldn’t be where I am with it had we not connected, and I am very very happy we did! 
Stay the course....that’s all we gotta do Eve. We already did the quit part,  ow we just gotta stay the course. Keep on keeping on! Woohoo! 
Katchheee! Maybe that doesn’t translate well. Was supposed to be sound of whip cracking. I can say it, pretty well in fact, as when I make that sound Daughter knows she better get moving joy, but can’t really write it! 
Big big big HUGS to you St Eve!!!kissing_heart


From: Eve1973



translated perfectly!


From: ChrisMH


Thanks for the recognition.  Almost to the year mile stone.  


From: SusanK1960


YAHOO!  You did it EVE!  Today is the first anniversary of your quit!!!!  It has been a pleasure to hang around with you during this first year. Big HUGS to you!  I am so glad another friend has shown up to the party - Let’s go happy dancing while we wait for the other to arrive!


From: Loreficent


Oh!!! I just made you celebration note in another thread too Eve before I saw this! This is good though because you definitely should have two of a good thing Eve!! Oh and I see my spaces are gone now. So so proud of you Eve!! Yay! Yippee!! Woohoo!! 
Susan you have to tell me how to put the little pictures! I only know how to put picture pictures. Also I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL KEY!!! 

CC to Eve1973euknight

From: Eve1973


Thanks so much to both of you! Boy it has definitely been a bumpy ride! I am still a lil unsure of when that peace comes, but I know ONE THING.......I will not have a puff ever! NOPE! I know for me that THAT is not an option! If I do I will be back full blown smoking in no time. So I have reluctantly accepted that I am an addict. And the only way to stay smomber is not not ever indulge! 

***side note I have 2 more pounds to lose to get back to my before smoking/Covid weight! Yeah. This is my new focus! 

Susan and Lore, been an interesting,amazing, bumpy ride to get here.....but so happy to have you here to support me! 
Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for your support and the humorous distraction with the games! Been great! 

Hugs and more hugs to you both! 

CC to Loreficent