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Formerly known as the About.com Smoking Cessation support forum, this community is open to all who are recovering from nicotine addiction.

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April 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 31354 views.
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From: ModDee


How to Follow a Discussion

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  9. Go to the Discussion you want to follow.
  10.  Select “Subscribe” in the upper right directly across from the Discussion name.
  11.  Select how often you want to subscribe. Then click “Subscribe”.
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  13.  If you have other Discussions you wish to follow, repeat Steps 9 thru 11.
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  16.  Check the box so it is now empty
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From: slowblumer




From: turtles


Doesn’t seem like a year ago that I started here.  To all of you just starting,  the journey is so worth the freedom!


From: Eve1973


Congratulations Turtles......Happy 1 year! Amazing! 

Do you often think about it?  How much money have you saved? Any thoughts/ pointers you would like to share with the newbies?

Eve 1/30/2020 


From: slowblumer


Congrats turtles,

You have a beautiful key.   The freedom is real.



From: turtles


I assume at least two thousand dollars saved...only think about it while on this site but funny that thought popped up several times this week, assume it was last receptors shutting down. I drank a lot of flavored ice chip water, sugarfree mints and candies...did gain 15 lbs which I’m now working on losing..good trade in my opinion. Had a list of sayings and quotes I got from here and would read them through cravings.

It is doable, and worth it.


From: turtles


Thank you Marge, you were a huge help this past year and I am grateful.


From: Ginger3077


Congratulations turtles. Hopefully I'll make it in 4 more months. You made it girl. Be very very proud of yourself. It's a tough road sometimes.


From: Loreficent


Hello Turtles!

A huge congratulations to you!!!

You were a big help for me in my first week when you wrote “ if you have just one you will be back where you started, and where you started is desperately wanting to be where you are”.  That. Was. Huge. It made a big impact and difference for me. I’m sad you only think about it when you are on here, but hopefully you are able to turn that thought into a positive one. 

Thank you for leading the way!!