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June 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/3/19 by ModDee; 8789 views.

From: DbAnne


I woke up absolutely elated that I had not been smoking and still wasn't each and every day since my quit, day one.  Just made me so happy that I had decided and did quit smoking (cold turkey).  My cravings or urges never came to me until late in the day.  When I smoked, I used to wake up and the first thing I would do is smoke.   I would smoke 5 cigarettes before I even got dressed to go to work.  Coughing and smoking.....ewwwwww

When I woke up after I quit, first thing I thought to myself was hay, I quit smoking - no smoking for me, oh my god its a miracle I quit.  See, I didn't miss smoking, I couldn't wait to get aware from it.  I hated smoking.  I went to bed every night so pleased with myself that I did not smoke that day.  The only morning I woke up feeling poorly is when I had a dream about smoking and thought I still had a cigarette in may hand.    Took me a few minutes to realize, phew, just a dream.  So happy.  

When I read about those people who are dying of cancer or other smoke related disease and wish they had decided to quit smoking - I am so relieved that I made that choice to quit and, knock wood, so far, I am healthy.  Happy, happy, happy, yes siree.


DbAnne said:

When I woke up after I quit, first thing I thought to myself was hay, I quit smoking - no smoking for me, oh my god its a miracle I quit.  See, I didn't miss smoking, I couldn't wait to get aware from it.  I hated smoking.  I went to bed every night so pleased with myself that I did not smoke that day. 

You have a tremendous attitude!!   I am very glad you wake up so positive most everyday, it's the ultimate 'Mind Games go Both Ways', in practice.   It's such a mental thing when we quit.  Don't know how long you smoked but I was a 40+ year smoker.  When I quit it was half kicking and screaming and one of the most painful things I ever went through.   I needed every tool I could get my hands on including a nic inhaler and anti-depressant  medication.

Mind Games Go Both Ways When You Quit Smoking


From: DbAnne


Well, I smoked 45 years.  A pack a day, every day, sometimes more.  The only time I didn't smoke is the 9 months I was pregnant and the first year and a bit of my son's life.    

How much I smoked and for how long doesn't dictate my attitude or joy for quitting.  I choose my attitude and joy.  Just like when I chose to smoke way back when, I choose to not smoke and be exceedingly happy about not smoking.   I quit cold turkey and I've had withdrawal symptoms but, I have no remorse and do not miss smoking at all.  Not one bit.  Easy way to quit smoking - change your attitude.    I am very mindful of the fact that nicotine is extremely addictive so I know I cannot go anywhere near smoking a cigarette.  I feel very sorry for those that struggle to quit and feel even more sorry for those who have not yet chosen to quit.  I wish everyone a speedy recovery from quitting smoking.   I wake up every single morning since I quit, pleased as punch that I quit smoking. 


That's why this forum is so great..all kinds of people and ..all kinds of quits.

Best wishes in your quit.  You are doing great.


From: overdoz


Thats a great way to look at quitting, that you choose your attitude and joy for quitting. I have gotten on the quit bus again after relapsing after a 7 week quit, i went over the reasons i relapsed.. it all came down to putting myself in risky situations where i would feel stressed and possibly light up, i wasn't ready to be around other smokers, i thought i was..

I like the way you say you wake up every morning pleased as punch.., on  a side note i would not recommend to anyone relapsing you have to go through all the withdrawal pains from scratch, maybe im a massichist i dont know, but definitely dealing with my high risk situations and how i am going to deal with them in the future should help hopefully, seems like everything is high risk in the beginning. 

Overdoz quit 06-10-2020


From: DbAnne


Way to go Overdoz, 

Take what you learned about yourself and keep that new tool for the next time you are in the same position.  You were so pleased with yourself for having quit for so many weeks.  Grab that feeling and grow it inside you every single morning and every single evening.  Fake it til you make it, if that's what it takes but program yourself to be happy you have quit smoking knowing you have the tools to keep that quit journey going all the way.

We are all rooting for you - keep on keepin on.  Cheers    


From: Nope62


 You are a Great example of what a positive attitude can do! How far are you into your quit? With that attitude you should have no trouble keeping it!

 Take Care!


From: DebraAnne60


Thank you I appreciate that.  I am 5 months and 13 days.   whooohooo and goin on....

Cheers to to you Nope62 

In reply toRe: msg 30

Hi June Ex Smokers,

This is a good testimony to read if you find yourself listening to that voice to 'just have one'.

I Really Believed I Had Nicotine Addiction Licked...Jenn's Story

I'd like to introduce you to Jenn, a member of the support forum here at About.com Smoking Cessation. After three months of smoking cessation, a night on the town changed everything. Read Jenn's story and remember it the next time an urge to smoke hits. Thanks for sharing your story so honestly, Jenn.


From: TinyBadger


Omg I needed this at right this moment! I was just having that junkie thinking of having just one. A slip, you know, not a relapse. I could do it on the sly and no one would know. So I came to this forum looking for support and this article was here! Thanks so much for posting articles often. I really do need them.