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NOPE pledge for Saturday, December 7, 2019   General Chit-Chat

Started 12/7/19 by Brenda (1sept19); 716 views.
Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


I will gratefully pledge NOPE for today.  Who wants to join me ?


From: Ginger3077


I'm here joining today with a big NOPE. Next?

Kicked the butt 8/1/19


From: spartanfan


13 months of saying NOPE today!  Who else will join us?

Julie 11.7.18 


From: Belinda2019


Gratefully joining in with NOPE today. 

Would anyone else like to join?


Seized the Day 17th October 2019


From: Ovivi


I happily pledge NOPE today.

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From: 48yrsmokin


will be a late NOPER but been saying it all day Just got done with dinner and a few Drinks And it's still a BIG BIG NOPE For me Few Just Made it threw JUST HAVE A LITTLE PUFF SESSION. With the head games dude. Get close too the 2 Months This is when the little dude in my head gets really persassive  Wow fought him off again.   Isn't it funny how no body says a word but thoughts can be so BAD.


From: June2019


Good to hear you didn't cave. that's a win! do you think it was the drinks that brought on the 'just one' thoughts?

June2019-puff free NOPEr since 6/7/19  


From: 48yrsmokin


Probably just a moment that has passed for now. Just keep saying NOPE it helps and works                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Oct 17th 2019 Quit Day


From: SusanK1960


Hi 48,

You and I are only 4 days apart in our quit.  As if our head isn’t noisy enough with all the thought of change, in sneaks that demon saying, just one.  know that I had two bad days on the 49 and 50 days.  Drank iced water thru a straw all day, smoked my straw a couple of times, then relaxed and concentrated on the craving waves and confirmed in my mind I am Healing.  Good job on staying the course.  We are healing.


From: 48yrsmokin


Thanks for the encouragement Susan. Just to know that the stuff I'm going thru isn't just a me thing. Still have the feelings that "is this really worth it". The answer is quite Obvious. HELL YES. Could not think of the time I would have wasted on this journey if I would loose this battle. I'm not !!!!!!!!!!!!   My head is more of Jumbled up mess now than I think it's ever been. But I know there's a better place as I go along. Thanks to the readings around this sight.   I have a buddy of mine that quit the same time I did using chantix. He thinks that it shouldn't be talked about and or glorified that you have quit smoking and done it it for so long.  So he's starting to slip smokin He says just a couple hits here and there it wouldn't hurt anything and will not listen to the facts about these talks we have. and how they help. So I'll stay here and keep it going . He thinks the NOPE thing is stupid, Well I'll keep saying NOPE to the smoke OCT 17th- 2019 and get thru the bad times.