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Old dogs, new tricks   Quit Support

Started 12/8/19 by Hanevel; 359 views.

From: Hanevel


Hello to all you brave warriors! I've been silently browsing this forum since I began my quitting journey in September. I used the method that worked for me fro several years in the '90s. I made a plan, used the Smokender methods of cutting down, smoking a new brand every day, stopped my favorite menthols and smoked only non-menthols (hated 'em), lowering the nicotine each week, etc., etc.. Then, on October 10th, I stopped entitrely. Stopped the madness.

Now, just a few days away from two months smoke free, ready to embark on three months, the cravings hit me hard. I was shocked, which I suppose I should not have been. These last 8+ weeks have been pretty easy. But, I've smoked since my first week of college almost fifty years ago, with a break of a few years in between. Really good years, climbing a lot of mountains, in great shape. Then,......I just had one. Just one, right? And the cravings started all over again.

Anyway, I am done. Can't go backwards, and will just have to get through this, knowing that "having one" is impossible. But, boy, was my mouth and my mind salivating for a cigarette today.

Nice to meet all of you. Forward!


From: June2019


Welcome Hanevel!

Congrats and keep pushing back on those occasional craves!

Glad you found a method that worked for you. Never heard of the Smokender method & hope I'll never have to consider it. Been smoke free 6 months this time.

Like you, I started smoking in college. I had a couple of long quits mixed in (12 years & 8 years). Scares me to think how easy I fell back into the trap. Praying this time is for keeps, that my resolve sticks & I never again fall for escaping into a nicotine cloud.

Anyhoot - welcome, welcome! Stay strong-


From: Belinda2019


Hi Haneval - nice to meet you too...

Its incredible how those cravings jump up and bite, isn’t it??

Hang in there and stand strong 


Seized the Day 17th October 2019

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


2 months is great and is the start of your new life.  Those urges can be sneaky and hit out of nowhere, but as long as you don't smoke, you are winning.  I find if I concentrate on all the good stuff happening to me, that voice gets quieter and easier to tell to nick off.  Hang in there and know that it does get better.  Wishing you all the best on your journey.