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Good news about quitting   Quit Support

Started Dec-8 by Planobilly; 336 views.

From: Planobilly


Hi people,

It has been a while since I have been here. I quit over a year ago I think but I don't remember the date. At some point in the last two or three months I stopped think about smoking. No more cravings. No one gave me a metal and a few people are angry with me because I quit. I quit for me. It was worth all the crap I had to go through. 

I am aware of other people smoking and sometimes tell them that I quit and how hard it was. I don't suggest to them to quit, I just let them know what I have learned and how I quit. I help them if they ask.

While learning about smoking I came to understand that there were many addictive things the government and business were promoting for profit. Things that were killing thousands of people world wide.

We all should  know that hard drugs like cocaine are addictive. Prescription opioid volumes peaked in 2011, with the equivalent of 240 billion milligrams of morphine prescribed. 70,700 people died in 2017.

What is not so obvious is the addictive properties of  sugar and the amount of added sugar you find in everything now days. Death rates as a result of eating processed sugar are hard to come by but the number is large.

Big business wants your money and does not care how many of you die in the process.

Stop smoking, and yes it will be hard at times but there is 100% relief at some point which is only months away.

Best wishes,



From: Belinda2019


Thank you Billy...cannot wait to be where you are now

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Congratulations on over a year of freedom, Billy.  Thank you for sharing with us and for your honest post.