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How to be nice ex smoker   General Chit-Chat

Started Dec-8 by Haajas75; 191 views.

From: Haajas75


I'm 36 days in after 29 years:-)

I always said I won't be one them smokers that quit and preach to other smokers...here I must admit a lie!  I can't stand be around smokers...we/they stink so bad...I struggle to even consider kissing my wife her breathe so nasty...I go on 6 mile walk every single day I can smell smokers when they drive by sometimes 60-80 ft away.....how do you ex smokers handle this or am I just being that bad.....


From: Belinda2019


It’s really tough, isn’t it?

I guess this is where ‘unconditional love’ comes in to play when it comes to your wife - you married her for better or for worse....

If it really does bother you, maybe you might tactfully ask her to brush her teeth / not smoke / eat mints before she kisses you. 

Try and remember that you used to smoke too, and that you smelt and tasted like that too. Stopping smoking doesn’t (or it shouldn’t) change who you are as a person, nor change the reasons why you chose to marry your wife. 

And congratulations on 36 days....you rock!!!!!