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October 2020 New Ex-Smokers - Start Here   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/26/19 by ModDee; 11130 views.

From: Loreficent


Hi Annie,

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about the job! That would be scary for all of us. I’ve not been as far as you yet with the quit, but, do believe those fleeting thoughts are a normal response. Times of stress and change will always hold a little tug I think, of a memory, because of how we ingrained ourselves to cope with smoking. You’re going to be ok though and they will remain just thoughts. I have the utmost faith that you will not be so compelled as to act on them. I’m holding in my heart that this Pandemic will have an eventual positive catalytic effect in our lives too. How can it not? It has in tremendous ways had some very destructive effects, but there will be other things to come out of it to provide balance too. It is a rule of nature. Or maybe just a rule from my mom, but, I’m sure it is a rule! blush

Thank you again. I’m glad you find some good thoughts in the natter I write. Yes...this has been a profoundly challenging year to quit. I’ve written about some very disconnected things at times that at least in my mind have had that common underlying thread of “processing.“ This year has left much to process not only for me as an individual, but for us collectively as a society. I’ve not always been completely vague on some issues that are affecting me or my city in my writing for sure, as it is a difficult thing for one to do who wears her heart on her sleeve! I do hope to not be offensive though. This place has become a “second home” in many ways, and it is good there are folks like you that feel protective of it! It is a sanctuary, really. 
I remember too reading recently where someone wrote about feeling like a fraud. Mmmmm. I get that still daily and I just tell myself “well then fake it till you make it!”. I also tell myself every night when I finally go to bed that it was a good day no matter what as I didn’t smoke. Yeah. Still. You know what though? I still mean it! So many good things I’ve noticed already. It is the mental chatter that needs to settle more, and you all give me the faith and hope to trust that in due time, it will. 
Things work out. They will work out with a job for you too. In the meantime, we will be lucky to have you with us more! blush

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From: Jaka38


Thanks Lore for this post. It's really written in a sense to bring us together not to break us apart. Smoking cessation is hard enough by itself - can tell you first hand today - we don't need extra triggers to disturb this pond even further. Especially in turmoil of contemporary world. 


From: Loreficent


Thank you Jaka.

Yes...we are stuck in the primordial soup of the sea of life together. We can either kill each other, or find a darn way to just get along. Even if it is ignore many things. I suggest today, if someone doesn’t want to die, we find a way to get along! Hahaha! That is a joke all. I’m having a day already and it is only 6AM. 
We just need to get through today and get along....

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Terry (abquitsmking)

From: Terry (abquitsmking)


Hi All,

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not being present to remove the political comments in this thread in a timely fashion.  I have removed references to politics where I found them.

Those of you who have been around for a long time know that politics and religion are two subjects we park at the door of our forum.  With people visiting from all over the world,  the chance to cause unintentional hurt or offense is too great.   We have our hands full with nicotine recovery anyway.  Who needs or wants to add stress on top of that?!

Thanks to those of you who helped steer the conversation back to safer ground, and thanks to all of you who reach out to support the newcomers as they arrive. heart

Please PM me if you see anything inappropriate in a message, and I will do my best to check in more often going forward. :-) 

Hugs, T.

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Terry (abquitsmking)

From: Terry (abquitsmking)


Hi all,

Just want to let you all know this thread will now live in the Quit Buddies folder.  Congrats on putting October in your smoke-free rear view mirror!

Best, T.


From: Allamer1980


How many more October’s quitters out there still going? October 1st was mine, has improved, and finally getting over that hump that never again in my life, nicotine will not be around.

it’s a life changing decision and took me some time to realize this. I always felt I was tough and could tackle this addiction with ease. Yah I don’t care who you are; it will make you realize the affects of addiction.

nonetheless, I’m doing great. I had some quits  through the years, I’ll be 40 in 8 days.

Earlier this year I started a quit on May 8, no more chewing tobacco. So I haven’t had any tobacco since then. On July 28 during vacation I started some NRT. I was feeling great and said I’ll have one. Never had any desire for tobacco, just nicotine itself. Then October 1, i decided not even NRT. I need to get rid of nicotine all together.


From: Annaa_darden


I also need to quit tobacco as it is causing me lung problems. But it is not easy for me and then I decided to use a vaporizer that utilizes herbs. Now I am looking for long-lasting vape batteries for my pods. Do you have any idea about this?


From: gustavovo14


I am also fed up with this tobacco addiction, guys! Thanks for giving me the ideas to quit this. I have one thing to share with you that if you need Yoga Teacher then must follow Gustavo Woltmann.


From: Allamer1980


How many October 20 quitters still going? I completely forgot after 2 years. This forum brought solace and ensured it would return to normal. Life is so great without nicotine and I love every second!