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January 2021 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/31/19 by ModDee; 35938 views.

From: MDS27


After waking up yesterday and deciding I need to quit vaping, I had a good first day. It was a bit of a trial run, but between 9:30am and 9:30pm I only vaped 6 times with an average of 90mins between vapes. Within that, I had a couple of 2hr stretches of no vaping. I only vaped in 1 room of the house (my private office/loft). 

I'm aware this isn't cessation, but it feels significant as prior to this the vaping was out of control. I was vaping around 20 times per day, punctuating everything I did with vaping, vaping everywhere in the house and while driving. I'm also reading Alan Carr's 'Easy Way to Quit Smoking'. The most helpful advice in there som far is: to focus on the freedom you will gain and also asking the question 'what is smoking really giving you?'. Also reading the 'homework' section on this forum. I feel more in control, a little stronger mentally and have a sense of hope for the first time in a long time, that I can beat this. 

This morning I played my first round without taking my vape pen with me.  My plan today is to extend these stretches to 3hrs and then tomorrow commit to only vaping outside. 

The hardest part is yet to come - a day without any nicotine and the idea of waking up in the morning without a drag currently feels daunting. However, for now, I'm happy and proud of myself for the start I have made. 

The support really means a lot - thanks!


From: Loreficent


You should be proud of yourself! Yay! You are taking steps in a healthy direction. Keep it up and stay close here. It will really help and make a big difference to have support. We have all been through it and it will be very good to have folks that “get it” support you! muscleclapblush


From: MDS27


Thanks so much :-)


From: ragdollmmb56


hi my name is marcia. i started not smoking on january 3, 2021. they say the 3rd day is the hardest. how unbearable or whatever is it anyway. i hope i can get thru it


From: gkim


Congratulations on your quit. Deciding is the hardest then the rest is just fighting with yourself. I’m a little over two months and I have no idea how I accumulated these many days. It definitely wasn’t easy and it won’t be for a long time but if you really want it then you can do it. It’s a commitment to yourself. Good luck. Read everything you can on this site. More info you have better prepared you’ll be. Also read other people’s stories. It puts everything in perspective and you will know you made the right choice. 


From: DanJF3


You are on the road to freedom!  I'm glad you are finding the book helpful.  Smoking doesn't really give us anything positive although we trick ourselves into thinking it does.  I totally relate to how daunting it feels to be without nicotine.  I've mentioned this on some other posts on this site that on my second last day as a smoker I nearly was in tears thinking about giving it up.  The only way I kept from actually crying was to tell myself my quit wasn't going to last more than a couple days anyway so let it go.  

Once you do quit you will find more mental strength and sense of confidence and some peace of mind.  Oh and likely you will get better quality sleep.  That is a definite gain.  The beginning is the hardest part for sure and yes things get easier.  Does that mean we never have thoughts of smoking or vaping again?  Well no, I certainly have the thoughts now and then but thankfully they are not thoughts that lead to action.  

Keep your positive outlook and share the journey with the support you have here.  You will see you can do this!

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From: CarlaLee123


Today is day 5

quit date Jan 1 2021


From: Anne2020


Excellent - you've past the first of the icky 3's - (3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months)  and are on your way.   Now that the nicotine is out of your system, your cravings will being to take hold because your body is sayin give that to me, your mind is trying to trick you into thinkin you want that and you are working double hard to establish control of both your mind and body. 

Your strength of spirit is your backup.  Well done CarlaLee.         


From: Anne2020


You can deal with it.  If you can convince your body to smoke those awful cigarettes, then you will have no problem convincing yourself not to smoke them.  By day three smoking is revealing its true self you to - the horrible smell, taste, and drain on your health.

Quitting was not tough for me and doesn't have to be tough for you either.  Have your read Allan Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking.  You can get it on-line and it is an excellent book to help you unveil the truth about smoking and what you have been brainwashing yourself into believing.

You can do this.  



From: abrewster14


Me too! It’s an accomplishment. I have to say first thing in the morning and right before bed are still driving me crazy. I’m patched up and reading Allen cart for the second time. I was surprised by how actually addicted I was and how strong the mental urge to smoke is. I have been a 8 to 10 smokes for 25 years and was terrified and sad to quit Jan 1.