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Hit 90 days!   Quit Support

Started Jan-8 by nomoresmokes; 702 views.

From: nomoresmokes


Today I have hit 90 days. It's a big milestone for me as it's the 3rd time getting this far in the last year and a half - now it really is up to my attitude, mindset and beliefs.

The difference in how I feel is amazing. The first month was insomnia, anxiety and irratability. In month 2 the insomnia dissapeared but  I got skin issues, brain fog and a heavy chest ontop of the anxiety and irratability.

For all those quitting please know it does slowly get better just focus on the each experience in life and it will add up to giving you strength for the next one.

For the more experienced quitters I have a question. I have one symptom remaining in my quit, it's a feeling sometimes of being on edge. Still learning how to deal with this. Just wondering from your experience is this apart of the quitting and does it go away??


From: SusanK1960


90 days is fantastic!  I have suffered with the “something is missing” feeling for about a month, which Debbie S., a long time quitter, has said can go on for quite awhile.  I don’t know if “feeling on the edge” is similar to mine.  If “feeling on the edge” means about to have an anxiety attack or agitation, then our feelings are different.

Anyway, it is wonderful to hear from you again and BRAVO on your 90 days smoke freedom!  On to the fourth month!  I know of 4 others right behind you, so lead on!


From: nomoresmokes


Thank you so much for the quick reply! I've been lurking in this forum and it's helped so much. The feeling on edge for me is I guess not feeling relaxed. It's not exactly panic attack or irratable level but might be a little but anxious and irratable, I guess it's more just not in flow with my life like I was prior to quitting. I think when i used to feel this way I'd have a cigarette to cope, but now I don't have that . Honestly feel day by day it's slowly getting better. You are amazing, keep up your quit I'm proud of you and everyone in this forum :)


From: cherbearquit


Congrats on 90 days! That is awesome! You should be proud of your accomplishment!  You are an inspiration to all of us who are following you on this journey!

Bravo! Be Very Very Proud of yourself. 90 days is awesome. You will still have that antsy jittery feeling and that missing something feeling for quite a while just like Susan said. This is the part that takes so slow and I think it's associated with those nicotine receptors and the more that shut down and the more quit time behind you the better it all gets. Always always just stop the overthinking and go back to that One crave one day at a time thinking. We can't rush this whole process anyways so just keep going one day at a time. I finally felt normal at 14 months no more jitters my body calmed down and has been that way ever since and I no longer miss smoking. Keep checking in with the forum and help others as it helps with your own quit. I truly wish you success in breaking free.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: ModDee


Hi there,

Congratulations on 90 days, that's wonderful.  What you're experiencing is quite normal.  Time is your friend.  The more smoke-free time you accumulate and learn to live your "new normal" life the edge will gradually disappear.

From the Quit Smoking Library.........................................

"Deep breathing is an invaluable tool that, when mastered, will help you shift gears when nicotine withdrawal makes you edgy. Think of deep breathing as a compass that will help you find your smoke-free way and relax you at the same time. "   

For more information take a look at the tips in the article below.

Best wishes as you continue your journey to permanent freedom.



From: ModAndrea


Congratulations on 90 Days, Nomoresmokes!

Excellent! You're doing great!

Dee's right. You have time on your side. It gets better and that feeling fades away.




From: 48yrsmokin


Way to go  NOMORE.  Were right on your heals. Got to be wonderful experience to be this far into a quit.                                                                                                          NOPE TO THE SMOKE since 17th Oct 2019


From: SusanK1960


Sending you best wishes on completing 3 calendar months of independence from cigarettes!