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Seven Days going strong   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jan-10 by candrew; 2911 views.

From: candrew


It's been 7 days since I had my last cigarette. Thankfully my withdrawals have not been too bad. I think the Chantix is helping, but I am hell bent on making this work. 

I keep reaching for my pack of cigs knowing that they are not there. Grateful that they are not. To all of us suffering fools who must go through this, in the end it will be well worth it.




From: cherbearquit


Congrats on 7 days! Today is 5 weeks for me.  Each week gets a little easier. I am also determined to do this. I am sure if we all stick together, remember our reasons for quitting and always practice NOPE, we WILL succeed!

Hi there the gooch,

I see you posted 3 times so I am answering your post.  Welcome to the forum.


From: thegooch268


I believe it was twice! Yes!

Hi gooch,

If you are new to quitting smoking jump into the January group and reading at the beginning of the thread.  There is full of information about getting around here on the forum and many articles on the process of quitting smoking.



From: SusanK1960


Hey Andrew,

Making it thru week 1 is wonderful news!  Isn’t it a wonder of how much better your senses have gotten?  

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From: candrew


I' m having a rough afternoon. Been sleeping for the past 3 days trying to avoid the psychological withdrawals. I am miserable. Almost ready to buy a pack. I need to remember why I am doing this and how important it is to me. 

I'm over the physical withdrawals which were fairly easy, but now the real work begins staying smoke free.




From: Matt1961


Oh am I with you on this one, Andrew.  There have been so many times when my junkie thinking has almost convinced me to run to the nearest gas station and grab a pack.  It would be so easy.  Then I think about all the negatives, including throwing everything away that I have worked so hard for to this point, only to leave me having to start all over again after that pack is gone.  When I weigh all that I lose versus the little I gain from that smoke, I slowly gain control over that junkie thinking.  Eventually, it goes away until the next round.  Reading on this forum of all those who have been through this before me, I know that it will get better, so every time I win one of these little battles, I am one step closer to winning the war.

The truth is Andrew, we are addicts.  The other truth is, we are stronger than our addictions.  We are going to win this war.  Just keep that resolve with me.  We will win it together.  You got this!!