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Quick one   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jan-13 by Enuff2020; 240 views.

From: Enuff2020


Hope this is the right way to do this!

Just wanted to say something... I've had a look around and there is some great advice and some good links to advice from here. I'd been on another site and some people weren't very helpful (to my way of thinking at least, helpful to others but I guess we are all different).

I came to this site from reading something - and I'm not sure of the link now - about alcohol and nicotine addiction. I had said to people before that they should have an AA type group for nicotine addicts and people just "looked" at me, so it was comforting to me to read that the author of that article at least thought that giving up nicotine was more difficult than giving up alcohol.

I was interested to read of the NOPE concept and will try to remember that.

I have smoked on and off for around 35 years. My longest quit was around 6 months the year before last. I failed that one because my friend at work was a smoker, I told her I couldn't be friends with her outside any more (that's where we used to smoke), only in the actual office, one day I went outside with her, that was okay, did that a few times and then one day was a stressful day and of course when she offered me a cigarette my addict was beyond delighted and said YES. 

I hid my relapse from my husband and only smoked at work for the past 18 months. I have tried to quit again a few times, but would only last a few days and the addict won again.

I had two weeks off work over Christmas and told my husband I needed a packet of smokes, he still didn't know I had been smoking at work, I had that pack and then the next week I told him I needed another pack and that would be it. I decided I just can't keep doing this, and I think I remember something vaguely from Allan Carr's book that I read years ago where he was hiding it from his wife and ended up dying? Apart from anything else it would be embarrassing to admit I had caused myself to get cancer.

So I have been smoke free for 4 and a half days. I think I know how my little nicotine monster works now but no doubt it will try again. Hopefully I have the strength and knowledge this time to get through and I do know that I can't have "just one" and what does that do anyway?

One thing I think I might finally have learned is that a cigarette doesn't actually taste good, or help a situation, the addict part just kids us that it does. 

I look forward to reading more on here :) 


From: cherbearquit


You, like many of us here, have the experience of previous quits to learn from. That is a good thing, because you know what to expect during this quit and what your weaknesses are. There are many helpful articles and posts on this site! Take the advice given in this forum, remember NOPE and avoid other smokers as much as possible while they are smoking. Welcome and stay strong. You CAN do this!


From: ModAndrea


Congratulations on 4 1/2 days, Enuff! Welcome to the forum!

You've come to the right place. I lost two quits, each about 9 months when I first came here. With the support and information I received, I've been "smober" for over six years. 

Please join others in our newest quit buddy group.

Stop by and introduce yourself. The first post contains a link to "Homework for New Ex-Smokers" which takes you to excellent articles designed to help you on your journey.

A number of our members have kept their smoking from family and friends, and we have a discussion addressing it, Help! Any Former Closet Smokers???. Please feel free to post to it.

You're doing great, Enuff! I'm glad you're here. blush