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Frustrated   Quit Support

Started Jan-13 by Enuff2020; 348 views.

From: Enuff2020


Just worked out part of the problem (and there will be lots of parts no doubt) is that I used to go and smoke when I was frustrated at work - I'm in Western Australia so it's currently 11.58am here.

I need to work out something else to do, my job itself isn't frustrating, it's my colleagues.  I don't know if it's true, but I think that is why it was easier not to smoke after work and on the weekends.

I don't want to yell at anyone! 


From: Belinda2019


Hey Enuff - I lived in WA for 21 years, until 4 years ago - I was City Beach, Wembley, North Beach, Scarborough and Karrinyup, beautiful part of the world Which bit are you from?

And I’m sure you won’t shout at anyone, have a nice big drink of water and shut yourself in your office - you’ve got this!


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From: Enuff2020


Thanks for replying Belinda2019.

I'm currently in the Goldfields, lived in Perth (moved about 13 times) but originally from down south.

It's great even just having someone contact you on here, makes you feel less alone which I guess is a lot of the point of the forum.

Have a great day.  


From: JEM777


I completely understand the frustration and smoking thing. I smoked when I was frustrated at work (either a co-worker or a project), angry at my spouse, annoyed with housework, etc. Those stressors don't magically go away, but identifying them is part of the solution!

So, a cigarette offers you two different bumps. First, it takes you out of the situation (you went outside to smoke) AND it gives you a dopamine hit of feel-good neurotransmitters that feel calming in the moment (news flash: cigarettes are liars and they created the situation, then came up with the "solution" that just keeps you on this rollercoaster forever). I suggest finding something that will replace both of these things. Music will give you a dopamine hit. Finding somewhere quiet (away from the smokers' hut at work!) will give you the few moments to decompress from the encounter with your coworker. Be creative and find what works for YOU!

Keep on identifying the triggers and finding ways to mitigate them. That's what helped me be successful!


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From: Enuff2020


There is a good chance that if it wasn't my colleagues the nicotine monster would be finding something else to say "hey you would be coping better with (whatever) if you had a cigarette to help you" but they are the thing that is annoying me today.

It's been good when they have been out of the office today, which has happened quite a bit because the manager is away so they have been having a lazy day (I share an office with two people).

I would go for a walk but it's a bit hot at 39 degrees to do that. 

It will work out, but I am mostly appreciating having this forum to whinge at instead of my past trick to give up and go to the shop and buy smokes. 


From: Belinda2019


Well done Enuff!! Other things you can do is - take your phone and go to the bathroom...gets you away from annoyances and distracts you for a minute. 

Also, have you read through the support files - great info about junky thinking (ie - just one won’t hurt, I’m not quite ready, I’ll smoke this arvo and stop again tomorrow, etc) and how to overcome it...

Ahhhhh, down south. My ex husband and I used to go all the time - he was an avid surfer. We got married at Prevelly Point....beautiful

I hope the rest of your day is better are you FIFO? 


From: Lubbercat


I have found during my quits (I have tried this numerous times), that I really missed my breaks away from the people in my office........so, one time when I was getting ready to quit again, I timed how long my breaks were, then after I quit I went out a different way and walked for that amount of time........it gave me the break I needed and also kept me going outside regardless of the weather.....You will find something that works, just don't give up.