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hello   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jan-21 by Angelica_308 (Isabella308); 335 views.

crossedHi, I am smoke free..My husband say's the only reason I quit was because ...I was sick...I am here to tell you ..I can't stand to smell the smoke anymore.I can't stand his breath or him chain smoking and. I am here to tell you straight up it is a addiction and after being smoke free and nearly dying from it...It is called FREE WILL.

The whole kitchen is redone in 2 months it will stink..His couch has holes in it and his blanket has holes in it etc.. I can't stand to smell him..No amount of after shave is going to cover up his stinking breath or his stinking clothes...He even did chantix and smoked while on the stuff.


From: cherbearquit


Welcome! It really doesn’t matter WHY you quit, the important thing is that you DID! I am sure it is hard to be around others who smoke. Could you ask him to smoke outside, so you aren’t exposed to the 2nd hand smoke?  I know that I can’t stand the smell of others who have smoked since I quit. Fortunately, I made it a rule that no smoking was permitted inside. And yes, I was that person smoking outside in the freezing cold, rain, humid heat, etc.  I feel grateful that so no longer have to subject myself to those conditions. Lol!  Best of luck to you on this journey. Lots of good articles and posts to read in this forum!


From: June2019


Hi Carmella!

Good to see you here. How long have you been smoke free? That looks like a key meaning you've made it past a year, I think (?) That you made it while still living with a smoker is quite the accomplishment. The hubby situation sounds trying - not much we can do about others. Take care of yourself & maybe your good example will eventually rub off on him


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