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44 days   General Chit-Chat

Started Jan-27 by dorion; 220 views.

From: dorion


day 44 without a cigarette . I feel pretty cool calm and Collective . No more hacking and coughing in the morning.  Does it make sense that I can actually think better . I know my sense of smell and taste as really improved my vision is well . 

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From: cherbearquit


WTG Dorian! You are doing great! Stay strong and remember NOPE! Sometimes I have a difficult day, but I just remind myself of why I quit and remember how I felt going through withdrawal. I never want to go through that again! We can all do this! Good luck to you and if you ever need support, just holler! 

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From: SusanK1960


44 days is way COOL! 

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From: JEM777


Congrats Dorion!

Remember this feeling. You are heading towards the sads (in my experience) where quitting isn't new, it's just hard. Your gains slow down and you start marking time rather than health gains. Your brain may really try to get you to smoke and sending off depression and anger signals and then creating the straw man junkie thought that smoking will cure all the bad feelings. You may start questioning if quitting was the right choice. It is. It always is. Once you get through it (months 3-4 in my experience), you'll feel like this again. 

I downloaded a free quit smoking tracking app called "Smoke Free" around month 3 and it really helped me keep my eyes on the prize. There are several apps out there that do the same thing. The free edition of this app is just fine (if you pay for the upgrade, you just get access to an AI health coach that was not worth the price imo). You can also put in milestone rewards and the app will tell you when you've earned that reward by not spending that money on smoking.

Enjoy your newfound freedom! But don't ever drop your guard. 


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