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Headaches   General Chit-Chat

Started Feb-13 by DebraAnne60; 221 views.

From: DebraAnne60


Does anyone have issues with headaches during their quit journey.  I am only in my second month and for the past week I keep waking up with massive headaches?


From: cherbearquit


I have not had headaches. Are you using any type of quit aid or eating anything different?  
Quit date 12/6/19


From: CindiS319


I do remember having headaches the first few months of my quit.  I remember having all kinds of awful things while my body was recovering.  It takes time for those receptors to shut down.  You're doing great!   Keep it up!

I still remember having lots of headaches as I am a migraine sufferer but I had them for the entire first year. They seemed to occur mostly when some nicotine receptors were about to shut down. It seemed like I had one big headache for the first couple months then after the icky third month they happened monthly as more and more nicotine receptors shut down. We are left with about 6% of the nicotine receptors at the one year point so we all had to be vigilant and not fall for that nicotine monster who's voice screamed at us at times. Just keep getting through today without smoking and don't think too far ahead. This is a painfully slow process and we all had to learn patience with this process. Stay busy, get exercising, do lots of deep breathing and use whatever nicotine replacement products and other tools to stay off the cigarettes. We were all poisoning ourselves and thought we could never do this but make your choice to never let anything or anyone sabotage your quit. Protect your quit like you would a tiny baby or a tiny puppy and not let anything force you back to the drug addiction. Nicotine is a wicked drug and breaking free if it takes tenacity, commitment and determination. The support of your fellow quitters really helps you stay engaged in your quit and the pay it forward method on here has given many quitters the freedom they so wanted. 

So, read everything as an educated quit is a successful quit. Help each other keep adding up the days and develop new behaviors and share your thoughts as everyone has rough times and stress. I wish you the success I've reached by staying close to the forum. Good luck.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: DebraAnne60


Thanks Debbie, I thought the headaches were probably about quitting.  Thankfully they are not migraines so I will count my blessings there but what a wallop first thing in the morning.  And they see to stick with me throughout the day.  I will take them as indicators that my brain in healing and I am winning  this fight.  Cheers!     

Just so you know my headaches drastically reduced after that first year and steadily got better in year two. The poisons from all the cigarettes I smoked really did a job on my poor brain. Our brain will heal as long as we just don't ever smoke again. The urges to smoke do in fact fade over time and quitters just need to hold out and not act on that urge to smoke. Our bodies are capable of fixing things we screwed up so hang in there and develop awesome new healthy behaviors so your body heals. Keep reading the old quit stories and journals folder and the dots and stars milestone folder to get an idea of how the quit of other successful quitters proceeded. You will love getting free of cigarettes so just keep on NOPING every day.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013