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Quit Smoking Now Hoarse Voice - Thoughts?   General Chit-Chat

Started Feb-17 by freetobeunme; 191 views.

From: freetobeunme


Hi All,

After having quit.....again..... 10 days ago I have now developed a hoarse voice. Any others had that experience and if so, why do you think it is and how long did it take to go away?

For the past year I have attempted about 10 times to quit and each time was successful for about 2 weeks then I would crave one cig. buy a pack, smoke the pack over the course of a week, quit again...this pattern kept going for a year and I've finally quit FOR GOOD.

That is why I am surprised that I have a hoarse voice when I never did before when I consistently quit over the course of a year. Other than that, I feel fine, but this is scaring the hell out of me. :(  The many times I've quit in the past year I had a pretty good recovery, meaning my skin was glowing, exercise was easy and I had lots of energy....better than ever. Now, I tire more easily, less motivated, hoarse voice, dry lips and throat and bronchs, even though I drink a lot of water. No cough, not depressed, breathing easy and good. 

Thanks for listening!


From: cherbearquit


Hi! I had a horrible cough for the first 3 weeks of my quit. Also kept getting sore throat and hoarse voice off and on. I also felt extremely lethargic.  Seems like everyone has issues of some sort in the first 2-3 weeks. I experienced hoarseness a couple days ago but it stopped the next day. I now seem to be experiencing occasional mood swings and anxiety. I just tell myself that this too shall pass!  Congrats on 10 days! You are doing great. Just be sure to pamper yourself and remember that your body is going through the healing stage. 


From: freetobeunme


Thank you for your message of encouragement! Yes, actually socializing and having a glass of wine a day ago while out with friends and NOT smoking was a huge accomplishment. I thought I wouldn't be able to do with without torturing myself or breaking down and buying cigs, but nope, I didn't even have the tiniest of urges. I didn't want to refrain from seeing friends and become a depressed hermit just to avoid the temptation to smoke.

Strange how we can encounter such different symptoms to quitting each and every time, so it seems. I have encountered so many "quits" over the course of the last 12 months. I guess it happens and each time one gets closer to transitioning into being a non-smoker. Smoking robs us of much more than we can clearly imagine....I do plan to support people here and if anyone ever has difficulty, Alan Carr's book is genius....it's as if it brainwashes you into being a non-smoker! haha! After all, we must be brainwashed if we think smoking is a good and enjoyable thing.

Sucking on smoke. How strange, right? If anything else was burning, like wood, we wouldn't grab a straw and suck in the smoke! That would be insane...joy