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Ready to start stopping   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-23 by AliceMay5; 805 views.

From: AliceMay5


Have decided that this is going to be the month I quit.  Haven't chosen a quit day yet, but obviously in the next 5 days.  

Thanks for your support regarding my "I feel like a lost cause."  No I really don't feel this way and know that I will continue to keep on keeping on.

Speak again soon.


From: ModAndrea


That's great to hear, AliceMay! We're here for you. blush


From: Loreficent


Ok Alice...this is my first day and it is almost bed time. I’ve got about 35 years smoking and am 58 and I really want to do this. As far as being ready?? If I wait for that it wouldn’t happen and I’m already so full of regret I haven’t done it sooner.

somewhere on here I found a “Dear John Letter to Smoking”. I have it book marked but am not sure how to share that so maybe one of the Mods could help. It so hit home!!

Anyway, you won’t be alone here. 


From: turtles


If you quit now you’ll be 7 years ahead of me!!  That’s huge!  am 66 and besides wishing that I never smoked, I wish I quit 20 yrs ago. I smoked for 40 years, quit last summer, had “just one “ the end of December and then smoked for three more months.  On April 1 I quit cold turkey.  I’ll admit it was painful but so worth it.  I wanted it to be difficult so I’d remember when I wanted just one.  

I drank tons of flavored ice chip water, sucked on sugarfree hard candies, walked a lot, sucked on starburst and mike and Ike’s, read the quotes I had collected from posts here until cravings passed.  

At 103 days, it got easier...and has been great since.  The occasional thought is easily dismissed and I pray it all doesn’t catch up with me later.  It really is worth it!!

here are the quotes I relied on....

"If I have just one I will be right back where I started; and where I started was desperately wishing I could be where I am today".

In the beginning of the quit the voice of addiction screams loudly and incessantly and then as the days, weeks and months pass it changes tactics and gently seductively says of course you can have just one". Don't fall for it ever again. 

One leads to thousands more!

I'll stay quit cause I never want to go through this again. 


you only have to do one thing to quit......just don't smoke!

It always seems impossible until it's done.

If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?

I'm not exhausted like I used to be but I have come to realize that I smoked anytime I didn't know what to do

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From: Loreficent


Oh Thank you so much! 
Having my morning coffee now and that encouragement is just what I needed. 
I like the wisdom of having just one and being right back where I started...

So you are nearly a year now? That’s wonderful!! 
Thank you for the back up! I’ll leave this open today and read through as needed!



From: ReQuitNo2


would love to see that letter if you can find it 


From: Loreficent


Hi ReQuit,

I am cc’ing Susan here as she was able to help me find it again for JerseyDee and sent a link of 2 letters. I have it bookmarked, It was the one originally posted on here as “a poignant Dear John” by Terry the Moderator.
Bear with me Susan...I’m not so tech savvy (learning something new everyday here) and now do not know how to take that bookmark and forward to ReQuit. If you could tell me that I will learn another new thing and be grateful. The way you sent it came through as an underlined hyperlink and I was able to click on it and go right to that message post from a year or two ago. The other one you sent was a link to one on VeryWellMind.

For whatever reason the one really speaks to me. Probably because I am one to “romanticize “ smoking and cigarettes and it spells that break up out very nicely.

CC to SusanK1960

From: SusanK1960


Hi Requit,

Here is the Dear John letter

Hi Lore,

at the top of threads, next to New Topic, you will see a space/rectangle for “Find Messages”.  You can type in a word and click the magnifying glass/search button to the right of the rectangle/space. 

or you can go to the message where you previously saw the message, click on the link, which will highlight the link, copy, then on new reply, click to paste.

I am on an iPad, so I touch whatever I want to copy until the copy button appears, then go to where I want to put it and hold until paste comes up.  I think you can do the same with right click on the mouse to copy and left click to paste.

CC to ReQuitNo2

From: Loreficent


Ahh! Thank you Susan!

I am on an iPad too. Thanks for the instructions.

You are a rock. You have a strong steady and firm way about you on here that is so helpful for me. 
I will bookmark these instructions. Gonna practice sending to a fellow February quitter. I find that once I do something it seems to stick better. Ha! How can I apply that to this quit?? I’ll perseverate on that thought line a bit...

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