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Today is Quit Day    Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-23 by JerseyDee; 1939 views.

From: JerseyDee


Hello everyone .. very excited to have stumbled across this forum while I was reading up on what nicotene does to your mind in an effort of a reinforcement to hold strong today.

Today is my quit day .. I threw away my cigarettes and ashtray and lighters last night and held strong until about a half hour ago when I had a life stresser thrown at me and I dug through my garbage and lit up a half smoked butt : (  ..

Very disappointed in myself but getting back on the horse.  I have aids here like nicotene gum, bubble gum, dark chocolate Hershey kisses, and lots of fruit to snack on .. but I need some support and helpful words of wisdom so I thought I would try to reach out here ..

How do I stay strong when there is a life trigger thrown at me?  I am so used to cigarettes being my old friend at such times .. been smoking for 30 yrs now .. quit once a couple of years ago for 8 months and I KNOW I can do this again and this time permanately ..

Open to hearing all and any words of advice and support.  Thank you so much in advance.


From: DebraAnne60


   Drink lots of water, chew on veggies and fin distractions of any kind.  You may find reading the posts and quit library articles in this forum helpful.   YOu have already taken the hardest step, by deciding to quit.  Don't let the nicotine monster talk you into starting up again. 


From: cherbearquit


Congrats on your decision to quit! In addition to all of the great articles in the library section of the forum, I find that reading other people’s posts can be very helpful and some contain great advice and tips from others.  There is a post under the support section titled “Help I don’t want to smoke” that has 2 links relative to coping with stressful situations that may be helpful to you. The best thing you can do is read as much as possible in the forum so you know what to expect and how to deal with all of the quitting issues. Also post when you need help. Go to the beginning of the February quit group posts and you will see various posts from the Mods that are very helpful as well. Take it one day at a time and pamper yourself like you would if you were sick, especially in the beginning of your quit. Remind yourself that these cravings are a sign that your body is healing. Excercise by taking a walk, drink lots of ice cold water and get plenty of rest. The most important thing is NOPE! (Not one puff ever). Stay strong!

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From: Loreficent


Hey there Jersey,

This is my first day too, so I’m no expert. But at least you’re not alone!

I’ve been perusing the articles for about a month. Just read one today that had the title Coping With Trauma When You Quit Smoking. I’m still learning how to use the forum and don’t really know how to link you to it but maybe one of the Mods can help? It may be useful for you.

Stay on here and read, read read. There really is a lot of wisdom and support.  All the articles have highlighted words that link to other articles and you can work through half hour easily. Serves two purposes, information and distraction. Make it 3...inspiration too.

Hang tough and know others are in it with you!


From: JerseyDee


Thanks to all three of you who have responded.  I will keep reading here and try to find things to do as distraction techniques.  

I did well the rest of last night .. I was very concerned after I had lit that up that it open the flood gates and i would be over the gas station to buy a pack.  Nope.. didn't do it ... and now I am waking up for the day and the hurdle of drinking my coffee and stinky cancer stick! .. I will keep reminding myself that that is what it is!

Bottom line: thank all three that replied to me.  Did anyone use nicotene gum for the first couple of weeks?  Or all cold turkey?


From: JerseyDee


Hello new quitting friends .. I am so thankful to have this board as a resource in my arsenal as I take on this quitting ..

I have just reached 24 hrs with only a minor slip up yesterday .. literally dug through the garbage .. can anyone say addict or what?  Shameful and embarrassed about that ..

However, this morning I am in much better shape.  Drank my coffee which is usually a trigger for me and then after I was done popped in a piece of fruit flavored nicotene gum .. totally took care of the cravings ..

Has anyone used the gum just to get through the first few weeks?  I know nicotene is still going through my system this way but i felt like I needed that jolt  .. I want to break off that gum in  a few weeks though.

I carried on with my morning and did my daily yoga + work out routine in the early am and feeling ready and charged for the day as I embark on my Monday morning as a non-smoker! .. 

Do have an hour car ride ahead of me this morning though and I am concerned that too will be a trigger to smoke and pass the time .. I hope the handy dandy gum works during this drive.

I read a lot through this board this early am and It is has been extremely helpful in getting charged up .. I just want to be done with this gross, stinky/smelly, social outcast and outdated habit/addiction, extremely expensive slow suicide addiction ..

Wish me luck on my drive this morning.  I appreciate each and everyone of you here .. Your support is incredible.

Happy smoke free breaths to everyone!  I am determined and motivated ... I WILL get through this.  Thanks again for allowing me just to sort out of my thoughts on this .. thanks for listening and adding any feedback that you may have.  Will be back again later tonight track my progress!

Have a pleasant Monday everyone!


From: Eve1973


Congrats Jersey, 

   This is my 25th day, I am using the Chantix. But what I found helpful during stressful and or normal over powering urges to smoke was to suck on a candy cane. Not only doing something with hands but tricking the mind that you are smoking. 
    Hope that helps, others have others.....Eve


From: ModDee


Hey there JerseyDee,

Congratulations on deciding to quit.  Like you, my first cup of coffee in the morning was a huge trigger.  I changed my routine so that I quickly headed out to work and have my first coffee in my office where I couldn't smoke.  It took me about 3 weeks for that routine to become my "New Normal" and my coffee was no longer a trigger to smoke.

Please see the articles below on nicotine gum as a quit aid and then come on over to the February group to join in with new ex-smokers quitting along with you.  They're a friendly bunch.relaxed

Please click on the link titles below.

Best wishes as you continue your cessation journey!



From: ModDarrell


Try chantix , side effect crazy dreams , but if you really want to quit it does work,and try  tootsie lollie pop. Good luck


From: JerseyDee


Thank you Darrell.   I will look into it.  

Today was an OK day .. fought major urges during the morning bought fought them off successfully .. a better day than yesterday was.  Sometimes I think it is more the habit I am fighting than anything.