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process and progress   General Chit-Chat

Started Feb-25 by dorion; 90 views.

From: dorion


I've had some stressful situations this week at work . I managed and came through it with flying colours I did not learn how to sail and calm Waters. The Last Ship I was on was 142 feet and when you're out in the  open ocean and you see a 50 foot wave coming at you the mine really goes into Red Alert really quickly. And I use this mode of thinking as analogy when I put myself through a stressful situation I being the predicate me me me I am doing this to myself & no one else I am responsible for ending my emotional being with no residue that's the credit way I look at it these days. what I am may  be understood as a willingness for what I am able to responsible for and not giving in for any reason this way I am rewarded by the time that I put in to my quit I have almost brought down to a science. Never give up never give in  never surrender give it all I've got go to any lengths to maintain an addiction free life. I say no no no no I don't smoke it no more . I hope I'm making a little bit of sense . I'm a little tired for now and thank you good people on the quick train. have a smoke-free day NOPE NOPE NOPE