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Seeking support   General Chit-Chat

Started Feb-27 by Kero2020; 309 views.

From: Kero2020


Hi , This is my first time to write here ,

Frankly I'm trying to seek support from this forum because I lack for social support , I've taken the quit step on my own many times and i failed  and I think i need your support , I hope this time i can make it 

Wish me a good luck i will start tomorrow for the third time this month but this time i will be here :D

Hi Kero,

Welcome and congrats on making the decision to quit smoking.  Information and support are key factors in a successful quit so click on the link below and join the February Ex-Smokers.  They will be happy to have you join them.  Start at the beginning of the thread and read every thing you can.  You must know your enemy to defeat it.  

Best wishes


From: DebraAnne60


Way to go!  You just made one of the hardest decisions of your life.  To become a non-smoker - to recover from being an addict to tobacco.  The first step is the hardest but shortest.  Start remunerating this - I DO NOT SMOKE, I DO NOT SMOKE.  There are some great articles on this forum to help you build your resistance to the temptation to smoke again.  Don't give in - on this matter - be selfish and think of yourself.  We are with you all the way.  Be happy - Cheers!  


From: Loreficent


Hi Kero!

Do it! Just do it and stay close to here. Everyone is amazing and so supportive and best of all, we all know exactly what you’re going through. We all know that addict voice and junkie thinking oh so well.

Even if you don’t post a lot, stay close. Promise yourself you will send an SOS and wait for 3 replies. We are all over the world and in different time zones but you will get help here!

Click around the articles and breathe. Then deep breathe some more.

So glad you’re here. You are among friends and true support for sure. There is a ton of wisdom here. Just bring yourself. Together we are stronger.

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From: DebraAnne60


Together is definitely what makes this forum so effective.  It is so important to have people to talk to about your quit and usually you cannot talk to anyone around you for various reasons.  They don't believe you or they don't understand what the issue is.  Yup, this forum is definitely the guiding light through the dark tunnel of smoking cessation.    

Cheers and thank you everyone for being here. 


From: lm2015



Sad to say, almost all of us do not get social support from family or friends.  

I didn't get any although I did get years of nagging to quit.  When I did, not one of them gave me any good words to continue or any empathy for what I was experiencing.

That's when after 6 months of struggling on my own, I found the forum.  Here I realized that we are all going through the same symptoms and we all knew how to help each other.  That's the benefit of the forum.  EVERYONE ON HERE UNDERSTANDS US.

This was my 5th attempt over the years.

Keep with it and you will see, it does work, if you work it.


Quit date:  Feb. 18, 2015


From: Craftyhels


Hows it going Kero? Its a tough path we are all taking but we need to stay strong xx hope your quit is still on course xx