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The group who quit through COVID 19    General Chit-Chat

Started Mar-20 by JerseyDee; 1474 views.

From: JerseyDee


For all of us in the middle of our quit as someone mentioned the other day we are the group that will survive quitting through this stressful time in history.   Sometimes not easy with places closed and not much to do.  Office closes, restaurants closing, gyms closing, salons closing, and on and on and on ..

We have so much fortitude not to cave during this very stressful time and with finding so much free time on our hands to just think about smoking.

I think we both deserve a pat on the back from each other.  We will get through this .. together!

Thanks for all your support.  I don't know if I'd be able to do it without all of you on this board.  People in my life just really don't seem to get how this quit is draining me right now .. taking every bit right out of me.  I am really committed to it though.


From: Amicahomi


Perhaps apropos of your post, I'm remembering Peter Jennings, the much-respected ABC News anchor who passed of cancer in 2005.  He'd spoken about his illness and smoking cessation on air, and other media covered him and his effort the educate the smoking public.  He said that he had done well until the towers fell on 911, when his resolve broke down and he started smoking again.  He urged the smoking public to stay strong and not let anything get in the way of our efforts to quit. 

Of course, smoking is especially stupid for radio and tv journalists (I know, I was one).  Particularly when "we" are expected to cover material in the public interest in general.  I think about Peter Jennings' warnings ever time events temp me to de-stress with a bad habit.  On April 2, I'll have beat it for 1 year.

Stay strong, stay safe to all on this path.

We're in this together - we'll get out of this together.


From: Eve1973


April 2nd will be here before you know it....congratulations! Yes this is a very stressful time....but so far I think we are doing this! We have been very supportive and we ALL KNOW, smoking won’t change a thing....it would only hurt us! 

We are ALL in this together! We WILL get through this together!

WE ARE STRONG AND POWERFUL INDIVIDUALS! All walks of life brought together at this time to be their  rock, hero or mentor! Smoke free days are piling up, and just know we will one day soon be able to breathe easier.....stay safe all!


From: Craftyhels


I think you are so right Dee we do deserve big pats on our backs. Seeing this through whilst the world as we knew it has changed is very challenging to say the least. Amicahomi´s post too about Peter Jennings and his 911 Quit story has such passion and a great message for us all. Reinforcement for me came yesterday as I watched those poor souls in Italy fighting for every breath and from a young lady on FB that is filming her coronovirus story as she goes through it. In her video she begs all smokers to put down the ciggies and tells us that we will need our full lung capacity to fight this virus off. 

Like you Dee I dont think I could do my quit without everyone on here. I find the power of this forum and its members awesome. I so would have quit before now if I hadnt had you guys so thank you for keeping me sane and strong throughout my quit. Stay safe everyone, if we all do what we are being asked to do we will come through this situation a lot quicker.


From: DebraAnne60


The stress of  no income or a 50% reduction of income when it does come in,  all of the kids at home because schools are closed, and all of the parks, theaters, and other kids amusements  (the Zoo, Seaworld, Thomas house) and most playgroups closed, not being able to visit our loved ones who are in hospital or nursing homes, annual exhibits closed like home and garden show and cottages R us.

All this time teaching kids to spend less time in front of a computer and on their phones, now we put right back in front of the computer and phones for school and social interaction.

Retirement packages down the drain due to market crash for the second time in my generations RSP.

Yea, we have definitely quit smoking during the most stressful of times.

Three cheers for us

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From: DebraAnne60


I dont care how mush stress gets thrown my way, I will got back to bed before I pick up a smoke.  SMOKE A CIG - JUST NOT GONNA HAPPEN BABY


From: JerseyDee


Yes, I think I vaguely remember this story with Peter Jennings but not all that clearly as I was going through a lot of medical problems at the time and sort of disconnected from the world around me.

But think I do remember him saying he picked it back up during 9/11 ..

We all have to keep each other accountable during this Covid -19 situation.  I refuse to cave .. but am getting some static and that is why I need this board ..

I told a friend of mine .. a smoker .. that it is going to be hard for me to not think of cigarettes while I am not working, don't have gym open, etc, etc .. and she told me she would understand and not judge me if I smoked again ..

WHAT??!! . She just gave me permission to smoke.  This was the wrong answer.  I suppose misery loves company ..

I smacked back and said well smoking is NOT an option for me.  I refuse to.  I will manage my free time, stress, and cravings but I will not cave in to smoking again.  It is simply not an option and she can hold me to those words.

Why did this friend give me an open door to smoke?  Why isn't she being more supportive of my quit? ..

That is why this board is all the more meaningful to me.  People who also are committed to quitting regardless of the stressful life circumstances right now.  I hope all my quit buddies here will keep my on track during this time.  Thank you to each and everyone one of us on this board ..

The smokers in my life seem to want to welcome me back as a prisoner again and the non-smokers in my life truly have no idea how much this quit is taking up my life.

We must all keep each other strong. Be safe. - Deana

3/5/20 .. found my path to freedom, work in progress


From: cherbearquit


A smoker voiced their opinion to me when I was  about two months into my quit. She was referring to her conversation with a co-worker who had quit. She basically tried to justify why quitting is pointless. I couldn’t believe that she had the audacity to utter these words to someone fighting so hard to overcome a nasty unhealthy addiction! It then dawned on me, that she was jealous of anyone succeeding in this fight. Keep this in mind anytime you hear these type of comments from a smoker. Yes, we have caused damage to our lungs, but they can and will heal if we stay quit! Yes, like 911, we are going through a very emotionally difficult time in our lives. But, smoking would not change the situation and would only make things worse. We need to hold each other up and walk, heck even crawl, together through this dark period in our lives. We are all in this together. Stay strong and healthy and remember NOPE!

Quit 12/6/19


From: Eve1973


Well said! I am thinking of my retirement package.....down the drain again! Oh well can’t do anything about it! 

We are going to be strong and post here if life gets to overwhelming! 


From: JerseyDee


Hello there.  Wow.  Maybe you are absolutely right .. just jealousy of anyone else who can win this fight.  

And yes, we must all keep each other going during this stressful.  We are winning.

- Deana

Winning this fight since 3/5/20