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NOPE Pledge for Saturday, March 28, 2020   General Chit-Chat

Started Mar-28 by kittymom413; 345 views.

From: kittymom413


Good morning & happy Saturday to all of my forum family...

It is my pleasure to begin our NOPE pledge for today...

NOPE, I will not smoke even one puff today! NOPE I will not allow fear of the unknown or the stress it brings to change my mind because smoking is no longer an option for me ever again!!

Who wants to join me in making this simple, but powerful pledge? Here, take my hand, we really are stronger together!

Have an incredible smoke free day, everyone,

(((BIG HUGS)))

Kitty cat


From: JerseyDee


Good Morning Kitty!  I will gladly join you in this powerful pledge this morning.  The birds are chirping out this morning reminding me it is a spring morning and what a beautiful  morning to be smoke free!

We are beating down the confinement of imprisonment.  We are truly doing it.  And I find the strength in numbers that I find in this forum to be such an amazing resource.  This pledge is an instrumental part of my morning routine and I know we all will keep each other accountable to our pledge.

Have a pleasant and healthy spring Saturday and taking in some nice clean air!

- Dee

Smoke free since 3/5/20


From: Susan1206


Good morning, Jersey Dee ~

I will take hold of your hand and say the pledge I have said for many a year... NOPE... Not one puff ever.

Enjoy the day.   Susan


From: Eve1973


Good morning! Love your “Postit”, 

I will join you and pledge my daily NOPE. Taking in deep breaths without wheezing! Yeah! 

Come on.....who’s next to join us!


From: DebraAnne60


Nope - no matter what - Nope, I pledge

quitting is tough | WHEN YOU FIRST QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES YOU MAY JUST GET MAD FOR NO REASON,LIKE WHO THE HELL PUT GRASS IN THE YARD? | image tagged in daffy speaking,funny | made w/ Imgflip meme maker


From: Loreficent


I pledge NOPE to start this fine day. This is such a happy train today!

Who else is coming?


From: cherbearquit


Good morning! Such inspirational posts this morning. I will be happy to join you all and pledge NOPE! Who else would like to join us?

Quit 12/6/19


From: June2019


Greetings All!

so grateful to have called it quits

and stuck with my quit when at the end of my rope

so grateful for another day

to reconnect with fellow-quitters and pledge NOPE

(crappy attempt at poetry by)

June2019 - puff free since 6/7/2019


From: Ginger3077


Just got back from a three and a half mile hike through the gorgeous az desert. And June your poetry is great and I also pledge my daily NOPE. Who's else is joining ?

Kicked the butt 8/1/19


From: JerseyDee


Lucky you to leave in such a beautiful area.  It sounds you do get to enjoy it!