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I’m back and this time I’m not turning back!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started May-18 by cbeel5; 1611 views.

From: Myers75


Keep it up. I also relapsed like week or 2 back but I am fighting it again. I learned a lot of things in time when I was smoke free so its easier getting back to being non-smoker. You kind of see its not that big of a deal to stop it and its only a new better state of mind. Good luck.

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From: Lisataylor44



That was very encouraging. This 22nd June, i will be one month. Still going strong!! thank you for the support. keep in touch


From: DbAnne


Good to see you are hanging in there Lisa, way to go.  Hopefully, you are starting to feel pretty good about your quit.  I want to share with you an article that is in the forum, here is the link, which I hope will help you change your mind about how to deal with quitting.


I go with the I am so pleased I do not smoke mantra every single day.  I wake up giving myself a pat on the back for not smoking, all day long I am telling myself what a great job I am doing, not smoking and how happy I am not to be smoking, and when I go to bed, I pat myself on the back for not smoking.  I am happy happy happy - absolutely ecstatic that I am not smoking.  I think this is probably why my quit has been relatively easy.

I hope you can find this mantra too.

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From: Lisataylor44


Thank you Anne,

i would attribute 50% to this forum to keep us all motivated. After reading the materials it really helps boost the morale. Thank you once again guys


From: euknight


Hi tractoman.....

Just a reminder to make a note on the milestone folder for your 2 month anniversary if you r still with us!!  Never got to congratulate you before.

Do you have a tractor?  I have a Deere.

Anyway, stay strong and keep up the great work!!


From: tractoman


1948 Ford 8N.


From: Lisataylor44


Hello Anne

Today is my 50th day smoke free!! Whew. but now a days i have been chewing those Extra peppermint gums in the evening. (No nicotine at all). Hopefully i want to survive this year without that stick. Then it should be a cake walk and i will be a non smoker forever. Thank you once again for all the support.

i guess i will start giving myself a pat everyday too!!