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Nope Pledge 5/29/2020 TGIF   General Chit-Chat

Started May-29 by Eve1973; 275 views.

From: Eve1973


Good morning all, 

Happy Friday! I guess I will kick off the pledge.....I’m up early again!

So today I pledge my NOPE, not one puff ever!

Quote for day-

Everyday is a new beginning, take a deep breath, smile and start again!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



From: JerseyDee


Good Morning Eve.  I didn't see this post and started a whole new NOPE thread for today.  Sorry for the duplicate efforts.

I love the quote of the day!  .. Feeling it this Friday morning.   Am slammed at work and pretty stressed out .. leaves very little time to post on this board : (  .. the work schedule is entirely too demanding on my pain ridden body :  Ugh.

Anyway, I am going to post tomorrow morning an update to you and everyone.  Have something big I have to tell you regarding my quit journey.  Closing in on month 3 .. I GET IT how 3 mos marker is challenging for people.  Wow.

Have a fantastic Friday,  TGIF!!  Take my pledge this morning and ask for others to join in... 


From: DbAnne


I Pledge NOPE today with this lovely view of Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Canada, for your viewing pleasure:

Algoquin Provincial Park, een park met vele hoogtepunten voor ...I can tell you that climbing that trail to this place is hard work but so worth it.  

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From: Ginger3077


Good morning fellow quitters. Pledging my daily NOPE. Who else is joining ?

Kicked the butt 8/1/19


From: kittymom413


Hi there, Ginger,

It's a great day to NOPE. Today I will gratefully take your hand to pledge Not One Puff Ever & I'll extend out my other hand to anyone that wants to join us...we are stronger together!!

Have a great smoke free weekend, everyone,

Kitty cat

Good Morning to all and TGIF. I happily & enthusiastically pledge NOPE with all today. NOPE for me since July 2018. How sweet it is!



From: livtoswim


Hi Gloria, 

It's never too late to NOPE.  I pledge NOT ONE PUFF EVER NO MATTER WHAT

I invite any late comers to pledge with me today.  

Who's next?

Cravings last 5 minutes my health is forever

smoke free 27d 5h 42m 

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From: euknight


Will gladly take your hand Miss Gloria!!  It is an honor everyday. That is so wonderful July 2018!!  You go Gloria!!  Great name, btw...my best friend is a red headed Gloria!!  Hats off to you from Texas!!



Hi Peggy,

Hats off to you too for quitting. You are 3 weeks in...you have almost earned a star. Congrats. It is a hard journey but so worth it. Take the NOPE pledge everyday and just tell and promise yourself "Just don't smoke TODAY....you just have to get thru today. You can do this. Keep going. Remain steadfast, tenacious, passionate and committed to remain smoke-free. One of my mottos that helped keep me focused was "My desire to NOT smoke is stronger that my desire to smoke."  I made up my mind to never smoke another cig. I smoked for 42 years. And I quit cold turkey...but I did have Wellbutrin that I used for 2 weeks. It did help somewhat with cravings but that withdrawal was kicking my butt. You really have gotten thru the hardest part...now just make a commitment to NOT smoke today and let the days add up. The support on this site is wonderful and so helpful. Keep fighting for your freedom.


NOPE since Jul 2018...How Sweet it is


From: Ovivi


This is my NOPE pledge for today. Happy to hold out a hand for another pledger today!