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Poem- The Hard Road, by SUZ7a   Philosophy and Poetry

Started May-30 by SUZ7a; 104 views.

From: SUZ7a




The Hard Road 

The hardest road to hap upon 
is one we have not known, 
That leads to who knows what and where, 
and it seems we are alone. 
Know all the ways you trod are His; 
He would not let you stray. 
And if your path seems roundabout, 
doubt not that it convey 
you to His house and garden, 
where your faith has ever grown, 
Since the day your life with Him was hewn, 
and your seed with Him was sown. 

 Look back, upon your wearied track, 
to the places you have been, 
And you’ll see His prints along the way, 
therefrom, thereon, therein. 
And He’ll say to you when you walk on thru 
the gates upon His place, 
“It’s not a walk and not a race, 
 but the path that puts you in My grace. 
It’s the struggle with your loathsome load, 
that puts you on the hardest road, 
That sets you free to be with Me 
in the garden I’ve bestowed.” 
By -  SUZ7a