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Poem- Soul Mates, by SUZ7a   Philosophy and Poetry

Started May-31 by SUZ7a; 77 views.

From: SUZ7a



Soul Mates 

The gift of life on lovely earth 
Is rife with joys to lift the heart, 
From very start of life at birth, 
Until our souls at death depart. 

 But of all His gifts that give delight, 
None nearly quite as well equates 
To the bliss when two like lives unite, 
And discover they are soul mates. 

Akin, the spirits join in journey, 
Their loves of life now twice as nice, 
Reflections of each other’s beauty, 
They mutually entice. 

 These two who knew they must connect 
Will walk through life, each other’s breath,  
And have no reason to suspect 
Their bond might end with death. 

 For they will tend to seek and find 
Their mate with rather likened mind, 
Wherever souls are apt to gather 
Together, as divined. 

- By SUZ7a