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NOPE 6/23/2020 Hump Day   General Chit-Chat

Started Jun-24 by Eve1973; 139 views.

From: Eve1973


Good morning all, happy hump day!

Wishing everyone a smoke free day and to join hands in saying NOPE loud and proud! We ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!

Who’s next?


From: JerseyDee


Good Morning Eve!  I take this pledge with you today as well.  It is a nice day to be smoke free.

I am sorry that I have not been starting off the pledge nor posting as much.  I have been EXTREMELY busy and packed schedule.   I have  a knee issue I am juggling and have to schedule surgery .. see that Dr today again.  I am in the middle of some dental work now that they are open again ..

All of that .. then with work full time hours .. and other things like stores and salons opening up .. plus a new guy into the mix of my life it leaves me with very little time to be online ..

And I I have started a program of walking in the morning before waork + yoga . this makes things extremely tight in my mornings ..

So ALL of that said .. I am still here .. but my schedule is really chaotic.  Sheesh! .. Planning a trip over this weekend diwn the shore ... Lots and lots going on .. Getting beyond lock down now!!

But I am taking my pledge today.  I join you in that.  I will be smoke free day.  The weekend was a slip up mess again : (  .. i am not proud of that .. but back on board this week .. I have to cut this out on the weekends .. but i have not totally gotten me off track .. I WILL and CAN do this .. I am giving 100% today however difficult it may get. I"m in it to win it!

I am struggling but vow for not a single puff today ... Talking it one day at a time right now.

Have a Happy Hump Day.  Who will be next to join this morning?  ...

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From: modanjim


Hi Eve and Dee,

I will join you with NOPE.  for today.  One day at a time.




From: euknight


Right there with you Maureen,, Eve and Dee!

Another day to share this honor of the NOPE Not One Puff Ever pledge.

Take my hand and join us!!




From: Jatchat


Hi Peggy,

Proud to take the pledge today, and invite others to join us. NOPE.

Kind regards

Anthony 7 W


From: Ovivi


Thank you , Anthony 

I am happy to be able to pledge NOPE today. Anyone else to join us today?

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From: TinyBadger


It's a little late for this, but only 830 here, so what the hey? Nope for me.