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NOPE Pledge Wednesday JULY 1    General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-1 by JerseyDee; 475 views.

From: JerseyDee


Good Morning!  Going to be another nice summer day here and the sun and weather encourage me to stick to my quit .. who wants to be polluting the air and one's lungs with this junk when it is an otherwise day of beauty? .. certainly not me!

Can not believe June is behind us now and into July already.  Have a lot of errands and running around I have to do after work today and tomorrow .. but am not letting that stress me nor interfere with my quit.  Friday we are going to be closed at work so thankfully a short work week .. and then have a friend's BBQ on Saturday .. looking forward to it as this group are friends are all non smokers .. no temptation this weekend .. so won't be slipping this weekend as I had been doing for the past couple.

It is 6:30 am here and I am all done with my morning .. less arm routine.  Yoga felt great this morning  ... enjoy taking that in and breathing in the nice clean air while doing so .. feels like forever ago when my yoga routine used to be broken up into segments with smoke breaks in between .. yuck! .. does seem forever ago, but actually it was just 4 months ago .. so glad those days are behind me .. that will never, ever happen again.

ALL of that said .. I take on this July 1st NOPE Pledge and ask who will be next to join.  I am leaving you with a motivational quote of the day .. it is inspiring me with my quit today .. hope it does you as well.  Have a GREAT smoke Hump Day!!  blush

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” -Vince Lombardi


From: Eve1973


Good morning Dee, 

Coming in today wishing the WORLD TO HEAL this new glorious month! 

Pledging my NOT ONE PUFF EVER today.

Who is next?


From: TinyBadger


I'm here to join the nope ledge today! Who will take my hand?


From: DebraAnne60


I am so glad you decided to come back to quit smoking after smoking so many weekends.  What is your new quit date Dee?  July 1?  I want to be able to send you congat's on your milestones.    


Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


I will join everyone with my NOPE pledge for the day.  Who else wants to join us ?


From: livtoswim


Hi Brenda, 

I will join and pledge NOPE for the day.  

Who's next?    



From: DebraAnne60


I cannot simply ignore that you have been smoking every weekend for the past month.  


From: euknight


Good morning All!!

I will gladly join you all in the N.O.P.E. Pledge for this Wednesday July 1st!!!

I don’t know where June went!!  It just zooomed by!  I am absolutely loving the evenings though.  Last night I swam and did weights 30 minutes before sunset, then went muling around checking out sunset views with dogs trailing behind.

I had a Blue Healer, God rest his soul, that always rode on the seat next to me on the Mule.  Jackson, the dog I have that is his size won’t do it.  Guess that’s better cos he needs the exercise like his mama!!

I finally opened some boxes a friend had sent me with beautiful clothes I would not buy for myself.  All size medium.  I use to be a small.  Got on scale and gained 15 lbs in a year.....most in the last few months.  So I celebrated by eating as much fat food I could find ( have to get it out of the house, you know). Of course wanted many cigarettes but declined since this is not an option.

So now the plan is I will do an additional 30 minute swim and weights after sunset. Sorry to ramble on so, my friends, but thank you for being here.

Have a sensational smoke free day and who will join us in the pledge???




From: Ovivi


I’m happy to join you, Peggy and pledge not one puff ever for today. 
Holding my hand out to whoever will join us next!