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Many attempts to quit, but my first time using this site    Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-1 by vannter; 297 views.

From: vannter


Hi all, 

I'm 20 years old and I've decided to quit smoking while I still have the rest of my life ahead of me. I started smoking when I was 17/18 and only made the decision to quit in January 2020. Since then I've constantly battled with my addiction, and I've lost count on how many attempts I've made to quit for good. 

Before, I'd try to quit smoking on my own without support and without NRT. The longest I lasted was around 2 weeks. I'm still not too keen on the idea of using NRT, but I decided I need help and support this time. I quit last Tuesday, but relapsed with two cigarettes yesterday - I lasted a week. I soon threw the packet away along with the money I spent on it. 

What I struggle with the most when quitting smoking is that after a while, I begin to have overwhelming irrational thoughts that I was happier and more care-free when I was smoking, and then I yearn to go back to those days. That's when I give in to my urges, but then don't actually feel any happier. At that point it feels like my conscience is mocking me. 

That's my introduction, and although I don't wish to hold myself at random, I hope this smoking cessation is long term. 


From: TinyBadger


Welcome! I've done some cigarette romancing myself. I won't lie to you, I'm on day 21 and I'm doing that right now. But you can do this. It is possible. So post away, we are here to help. 

Hi there vannter.

Welcome.   Good for you for deciding at an young age to quit smoking.  It is the single most beneficiary thing you can do for your health.  So many of us waited till we began having physical issues before we got serious about quitting.  Click on the link below and read all you can.  You can do this.


From: Eve1973


Hi Van! 20 years old! Wow if I only quit when I was 20. The regrets. Too late for me, I smoked approx 30 years. I am 5 months in and I’m feeling better, teeth whiter, tongue is actually pink when I’m not drinking coffee, I’m using the money i used for cigarettes to pay for a new car I bought! 

You need to read on this site and learn how addiction drives us and how to beat it! We will all help you out! 

Congrats on finding the site!


From: SusanK1960



We have all thought those exact thoughts!  That is the junkie talking.  I would like to recommend a book which may help you get into a different mindset for quitting:  http://prdupl02.ynet.co.il/ForumFiles_2/15119301.pdf

I also highly recommend drinking ice water thru a straw to bust those craves.  You have come to the right place as all of us have smoked in the past and know what it feels like to quit smoking.  We are here to help you overcome this nasty addiction with advise, sympathy, and praise and most of all, personal experiences shared to reassure you that you are not unique or alone.

Susan - not smoking since 10/13/19


From: Nope62


Welcome! We are happy that you are here!

You are very young and you should get this quit done before you do more damage to you body. You have your whole life ahead of you and if you quit now smoking wont be a part of it.

You will live longer and happier

You will save a ton of money

You won't smell like an ashtray to other people

And there are many more positive things you will find about being a non smoker

There are no cons to giving up smoking! Those cigarettes have nothing to offer you but misery. A life time of misery!

You are in a great place here to build yourself a good solid quit! The moderators are very knowledgeable and will guide you through the process. Read everything they suggest and everything else available to you here. Learn all you can about nicotine addiction. That's what you will be fighting! You can do this! Please don't give in to the tricks nicotine plays with your mind!

Take Care!

Welcome Vannter relaxed

You are such a smart young woman. Man o man do I ever wish I was as smart as you are. You remind me of my son as he quit smoking at 19 and never looked back. I on the other hand thought I wish I could do it but continued on smoking away. I smoked for over 44 years - yuck! My husband smoked more than me and he also quit after 48 years of smoking. The two of us spent over $260,000 on cigarettes - poof up in smoke - what a waste of hard earned money. If we didn't smoke we could have had the money to buy a place in the Caribbean to get away to every winter but we wasted it. So, don't make the same mistake as you are only making the cigarette manufacturers rich and they added extra addictive substances to cigarettes to keep you hooked. 

When that nicotine monster screams at you to smoke just shut him down. You are in charge not him. The urges, craves and thoughts of smoking will slowly fade over time. But, you must put in that first year and constantly and steadily stay determined one day at a time. 

Reading from various sources like this site,mthe WhyQuit.com site, Allen Carr's book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking, YouTube videos etc. will all help you develop The Quit Mindset. It takes time about three full months to start to get into that mindset and some nicotine receptors shut down around this time. Just come here and read everything as an educated quit is a successful quit. You will always be able to get support from all of your quit buddies in those wibbly wobbly times. Those jitters, anxiousness, mood swings and other icky symptoms truly will go away once your brain rewires and those nicotine receptors shut down as long as you just don't smoke. 

Good luck in your journey to freedom! 

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: vannter


Hi Susan, 

Thank you for the recommendations, I will definitely implement them on my new journey to becoming healthier and smoke-free! I will give the book a read, I'm confident it contains a lot of helpful information.

During my many previous attempts at quitting smoking I didn't seek any support or guidance, apart from a few quick glances at some websites. I'm confident this is one of the main causes of my failure to quit by now. 

Congratulations on staying smoke-free since October! 


From: DanJF3


Welcome vannter!

You are very wise to try and quit smoking at such a young age.  At times it can be a bit overwhelming but you are in a place where support is there for you when you need it and there are lots of people out there to help educate about addiction. 

I strongly recommend reading Allen Carr's book!  I believe it was Susan who also shared that link with me (thanks Susan!) when I was first quitting on January 1 of this year.  I read the first several chapters in one sitting and I could feel my mindset shifting from a place where I dreaded the thought of living without cigarettes to a place where I honestly felt like all I was depriving myself of was mental anguish and destruction of my health.  Six months later, I haven't gone near cigarettes and don't think about them much any more although I know crazy thoughts of smoking can pop up any time so it's important to never let one's guard down.  In addition to the obvious physical and mental benefits, money savings, etc.  I noticed today how fresh my house smelled when I walked in the front door and remembered how it used to just smell like stale cigarette smoke.  Maybe that's not a super important benefit but it is still nice.

Educate and reach out to the group for support as needed.  You can do it!


Smokefree since 12/31/19