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Formerly known as the About.com Smoking Cessation support forum, this community is open to all who are recovering from nicotine addiction.

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Quit date 03/07/2020   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-2 by vannter; 217 views.

From: vannter


Thank you all for your kind and motivational messages on my previous post to this forum. I'm fairly new to this site and I'm looking forward to sharing experiences and feeling part of a community on this new journey. 

Unfortunately shortly after I posted my last post I relapsed because I was so disappointed in myself for relapsing before, that I tried to comfort myself by smoking again - weird how addiction can make you think so irrationally! Now I've identified my key trigger points, and found a support group, I'm confident I can tackle it once and for all. 

In the UK pack of cigarettes (containing 20 cigarettes) costs around £10 (approx. $12.50). I've always been scared to do the maths on the amount of money I've spent on cigarettes over the years, but I know it's a very big number! 

It was interesting to read all of your experiences, and it's comforting to know I'm not alone this time. I can't wait to update you on key milestones of being smoke-free. 


From: TinyBadger


Hey, that's ok! Don't get down on yourself. You tried and it sounds like you're going to keep trying! It will stick if you keep on trucking. If you want to, you can keep posting and reading the information here that has lots of wisdom and tips. There is a wealth of knowledge here, ready for the taking. We are here for you, whenever you need it. Sincerely, don't beat yourself up. I've tried to quit hundreds of times.


From: ModDee


Welcome to the forum,

Good to see that you're not giving up on your quest for freedom.  Congratulations on making the best decision possible for your health, financial situation, self-esteem, and the well-being of those around you. This Forum is just the place to give you all the information and support you will need on your quit.  

Best wishes as you continue your journey to permanent freedom.