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8 days smoke free   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-8 by Lyney; 2383 views.
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From: Nope62


  I'm doing alright! I am very happy for you!

Congratulations on being 2 weeks smoke free. I am glad that things are getting better for you! You may not have anymore of that fog at all.

About the alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic. I've been sober for over two years. I would have never had a chance of quitting smoking if I hadn't have quit drinking first. As you say there is a relationship between the two.

You know yourself best. It's still early in your quit. Guard it like it was a newborn! Since you will be at your house, make plans to break away to a part of the house that is private if needed. Read your list of reasons why you quit smoking in the first place. If you think there is any chance that drinking might effect you in a way that would cause you to smoke, just let others drink! I don't think this will be an issue for you, at all, once you've got some quit time under your belt.

I don't know how strong your quit is. But if you are having anxiety about this situation five days before it is going to happen, Please be careful!

You are right about me going through my quit in silence. I've had so many failed quits while here on this site, four this year alone, that I feel funny about posting much. I could fail again! I'm skeptical, to say the least!

My failures are in no way connected to the use of this site. It's just the opposite. The moderators and people here have been very supportive of my quits.

Take Care and Keep Up the Good Work!


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From: Lyney


Hi, I'm back after my weekend with the girls, and alcohol. It went really well, I thought about smoking but I can't say that I had a real craving. I got through the night with all of you on my shoulder reminding me to stay strong and stay quit. I had the straws at my disposal, lots of gum stashed all over the place, my list of reasons why I quit handy in case I needed to remind myself and I'm happy to say that I got through it with flying colors.  Thanks for your help and encouragement! I'm on day 23 and still going strong! YAY!

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From: SusanK1960


That is awesome news Lyney!  Each situation you don’t smoke, your brain makes a new memory of you not smoking!  You are doing it right, one day at a time!

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From: Eve1973


Fantastic! I’m so happy for you! 

Agree with Susan......new memory. I have done this several times now, and really it does get easier! 

Be VERY proud of yourself! You did this SO EARLY in your quit! Great job.....think you are going to be fine! You got this!


From: Lyney


That makes sense, for almost 4 decades if I had alcohol I smoked so it'll take some time to get used to dissociating the 2 and reprogramming my brain. New experiences, new way of thinking and new memories.

Thanks Susan!


From: Lyney


Thanks Eve, I thought of you and the advice you had given me, I really appreciate it. Definitely one day at a time. I'm glad it's getting easier for you, you too should be proud of yourself. This is quite the journey we're on and I'm glad to have the privilege of crossing paths with people like you. Thanks :-)

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From: Eve1973


Absolutely! I like that .....quite the journey we are on! You just have summed it up! It’s not a quick fix! It’s a journey! 

There will be good days and bad....but if you have a good mind set I know you will succeed!

Keep on truckin’

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Hi Lyney,

Congrats on your quit after 39 years of smoking. I quit smoking in July 2018 after smoking for 42 years. I went cold turkey as I wanted to be done with nicotine and go thru withdrawal while I was strong as possible. I set a Quit date and gave my cigs a memorial service. I knew I would miss my friend of 42 years. I said Goodbye and Good riddance and kicked that "friend" to the curb...like a bad boyfriend. I did an educated quit and found this forum. I would suggest the following:

1. Make a daily commitment to Not smoke TODAY (I loved taking the NOPE pledge daily).

2. Review your Reasons to Quit list every day.

3. Don't worry or think about 6 months up the road. Only focus on TODAY.

4. Have a daily mantra that you repeat to yourself each day to inspire you. Mine was "Smoking is NOT an option for me" and "I will never buy another pack of cigarettes." And my desire to NOT smoke is stronger than my desire to smoke. 

5. Patience and Passion required to stay quit.

6. Remember that you are on the battlefield and to keep your armor on. (Nicodemon wants your SOUL).

Stopping smoking is easy. Staying quit requires real passion, commitment, determination, courage and mental toughness.  Just don't smoke TODAY. Stay close to this forum and your Quit buddies. Makes quitting so much easier. I loved having the support of people all over the world.  You can do this and myself and others are rooting for and supporting you. You are doing Great!! Don't give up. 


Freedom and Smoke-free since 29 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower


From: Lyney


Hi Gloria,

You're 4 days away from being 2 years smoke-free, that's impressive congratulations!

We both smoked for a very long time and I appreciate your advice and encouragement. If you can do it, I can do it too! I'm realizing more and more just how much help this forum is especially for someone like myself who is used to doing things on my own, I seldomly reach out for help but I'm learning that it feels good to have the support of others like yourself, and I can identify with many of you and likewise which makes your advice that much more specific and helpful. It's also encouraging to go through this with my quit buddies because I know we are all going through this together.

I've been using the gum to help me through, it takes the edge off. I commend you for doing it cold turkey that must have been difficult! I'm on day 26 and very committed to my quit. You're right some days are really hard and others are rather easy and while everyday I feel pride for having quit 1 more day, I certainly don't want to become overconfident. I recognize that there's a long road ahead of me learning how to live as a non-smoker and enjoying this new lifestyle. 

Thanks again for your advice, it already helps. I think my new mantra will be "I will not give up" :-)

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From: arlcruise


Alcohol dramatically speeds up the exit of nicotine from the body, making for a double demand. Add to that the weakened state of mind and willpower, and you have a Pandora's box.