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Emma's journal   Quit Stories and Journals

Started Jul-11 by Em (EmJ88); 1449 views.
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Em (EmJ88)

From: Em (EmJ88)


Thanks for the supportive messages! It's 40 days since I've last had any nicotine and I have no regrets or desire to go back to smoking. All the best wishes to you both and everyone else on this journey to greater freedom, health and well-being x

Nice job of nailing this addiction. You've learned plenty by those other quit attempts. You can do this by just not giving in to those relentless craves. Remember you are the one who's in charge and you choose to not smoke and you choose to accept all the crappy stuff this drug addiction throws at you. Your brain needs time to rewire and it takes a minimum of three months to develop the quit mindset and our new routines for outwitting that nicotine monster. Every one of us gets anxious and jittery with quitting but our nervous system will calm down over time. After all, all those poisonous chemicals, tar and nicotine need to be expelled from every cell in our bodies and all the nicotine receptors throughout our bodies now need to shut down. The ones in my stomach took forever to shut down. I had nonstop hyperacidity pain in my stomach and once I hit 14 months quit the pain faded away. I couldn't believe that cigarettes did that to my stomach but it did. I found I had insomnia for the first five months but eventually even that abated. So, with the change of seasons our past memories flood our thoughts and those days you smoked in the backyard resurface but don't let that deter you from your goal of freedom. 

Keep taking this One Day At A Time and be proud to be a quitter. blush

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013