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July 14th Taco Tuesday Nope Pledge    General Chit-Chat

Started 7/14/20 by Eve1973; 321 views.

From: Eve1973


Good Morning everyone, 

Hope everyone has has pleasant smoke free day! I pledge my NOPE today and would like others to join in. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable! We are STRONGER TOGETHER! I know that is said a lot , but it really is true, so take my hand and join me!


From: JerseyDee


Morning! .. Taking my pledge ,, a struggle yesterday as trained a new hire at work who will now be doing M-W there and I will be back down to my Thurs/Friday work week smokes and went out for some smoke breaks .. I hate being around smokers .. still a temptation for me .. she said she has patches at home from her Dr but has yet to get on board with an attempt at her quit .. she wants to .. finding the mojo .. I encouraged her to do so .. hopefully she gets with it too as smoking is so passe and stinky and expensive and so on with all the negatives .. I wish they would just STOP selling this product and allowing people to pollute themselves.  

All that said I am embarking on this nice summer day ahead by taking my NOPE pledge,  Need some support in digging deep today as will be training new hire again today with her icky smoke breaks.

I am a non smoker .. I continue to tell myself that.  It is a new era for me.  Hope your day goes well and you are good with your quit today.  I extend out my hand for the next person .. who is next to join in on their daily pledge?


From: kittymom413


Hi there, Dee,

So great to see you here, even through your struggles, NOPEing like the champion that you are. I know how hard this is for you; I remember during the early part of my quit being at work & a client would come in smelling like an ashtray. I would have to back away because the smell was so bad. If you struggle today when your trainee goes out for a smoke jump on the forum & post. We'll be here to help!!!

So today I will proudly stand with you & the rest of our forum family to pledge NOPE & I'll reach out my other hand to anyone that wants to join us...

Have an amazing smoke free day, everyone,

Kitty cat


From: Jpatrick1996




Quit - July 16th, 2019


From: TinyBadger


I'm pledging nope today, and inviting others to join me. Who's next?


From: Lyney


I pledge NOPE along with you guys!!!

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From: Ovivi


I pledge NOPE today, and invite more people to pledge with us!