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14 years smoke-free today :)   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Jul-24 by Liv2day; 1144 views.

From: Liv2day


Sorry, I can’t answer that in how you want it answered. As I said, it happens in increments. Each step of the way to being free of the addiction, feels like a blessing. :)

If that's your experience, that's awesome. I had missed your own actual experience amongst all the advice. smile

Hi Debbie,

it will be 11 months for me tomorrow and I still feel like my brain is a mess.  Any words of wisdom?

Keep smiling & keep going no matter what crap this drug addiction throws at you. Our brain chemistry is very complicated and we are all different in our response to ending an addiction. All I know is you need more quit time. I felt better after 14 months. The anxiety and antsy stomach issues finally all settled down and I felt able to sleep better and start to tackle my new issue which was the weight gain. I joined a gym and hired a strength trainer and lost all the weight. I was able to breath better and exercise really helped with my moods. I have never looked back - only forwards and I continue to lift weights, go for long walks and spin classes. I love that runners high and it sure helps me stay happy. I wish you the very best of luck in getting this addiction behind you and you start to feel happier again. Keep on NOPING!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Lubbercat


Thank you.  Now it is the 2nd of august......still not smoking but, some days is more stressful then others


From: xvaper


How is your cat?

I have three, indoor. I fear that if something happens to one of them, even a small thing I might slip. But I hope that

A. nothing happens, and B. that like you I will talk myself out of it by reminding myself it won't solve anything nor help cope.


From: arlcruise


She (Tetri) is great now. All healed up and back roaming the mountains. Yeah it was a rough pull to smoke. But that was like week 2 or so I think. Should get easier to say no with each new day free earned. Now day 43. The health benefits have been many, and it seems unlikely any pull would get me to give that new found health up. 


From: xvaper


That is wonderful!