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The first month   Quit Support

Started Jul-25 by arlcruise; 418 views.

From: arlcruise


Maybe this will be helpful to some. Some info about my first month. And it is Cold Turkey.

The biggest tools I have had to use over and over this first month are:

1) the recognition there is not a puff, or 1 cigarette, it's over if I succumb. Boredom is now the heavy load, as it keeps pushing thoughts of "oh the happy times at the window smoking away and philosophizing about life". (oh such bs)

2) thinking small. just get past to the next day.  And then to 1 week. Then to 2. Then to 3. Then to a month. etc.

3) Probably most important, is re educating myself every time, that a cigarette is a viscous cycle of creating a need, that just forever needs feeding upon itself. That is scary like the movie "Alien" scary.

Fortunately, I do see that the smoking thoughts are SLOWLY slowing. But seems real difficult when you are trying to slow thousands..... But the light, the light... reaching... reaching... it is there.... patience...

Great list for what helped you get thru the first month. When I quit CT in July 2018, I did an educated quit, had my snacks, gave my cigs a funeral, kept a journal, and to stop intense urges and cravings: drank ice water thru a straw (it works!!), take a walk or do some exercise, Distract, Distract, Distract. I posted alot online here with other quit buddies. My desire to NOT smoke was stronger than my desire to smoke. I did the NOPE pledge each day to have my head in the right place to just not smoke TODAY. I listened to my fight song often: Don't stop me now by Queen (and would sing it at the top of my lungs...which to my surprise I could sing all the parts without getting winded and had better breathing capacity after 3 days!!). You have earned your first star for the first month quit. I remember striving hard to get that first star and being so proud. I had truly earned it! The quitters now don't seem to be doing much with showing their quit date or using stars...at least I don't see them on here like it was in 2018 when I quit.

I got my 2 year quit in now and I have a new key and working to earn my wings. I still have my armor on...refusing to look back. I do not miss smoking at all!! I LOVE being a non-smoker.relaxed


Freedom and Smoke-free since 29 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower


From: Anne2020


I love the armor analogy.  I will add that to my quit menu.  Thank you for sharing that. 

Yes Anne. In Aug 2018 I was a warrior on the battlefield in full armor...fighting for my life and freedom. We were at WAR with Nicodemon. We had to scratch, fight, crawl and do whatever was necessary to not smoke. I convinced my quit group that we were all on the battlefield together fighting a common foe. We were proud warriors fighting together to defeat Nicodemon. We had some casualties of course but those remaining kept fighting and battling till we won battle after battle. We stayed on the battlefield for the next skirmish. No man/woman would be left on the battlefield alone. We are not fighting anymore but we still have our armor on...just in case it is still needed. We know Nicodemon is still around and wants us to come back. We not scared of him any longer and he has no power here. We remain prepared to kick his butt some more if he dares to pop up. 


Freedom since July 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflower


From: Lubbercat


I attempted a quit a few times along the way and this time, just has not been the same on here.  I remember back when there were people on this forum at all hours of the day and night talking back and forth.  I don't see anything like it used to be on here.


From: Molly010


arlcruise said:

Boredom is now the heavy load, as it keeps pushing thoughts of "oh the happy times at the window smoking away and philosophizing about life". (oh such bs)

Haha!  I used to think that too about me sitting on the porch "thinking" about things.  Ironic how it is such bs, but a way to keep us smoking I suppose.  Education about the addiction is key to understanding why you feel the way you do and to prevent yourself from getting in the car to get cigs.  

After my first month, I went through a bit of a depression between months 2 and 4.  Some of my quit buddies did too.  Part of that is going cold turkey also.  There is no nicotine left at all.  So be prepared just in case.  It cleared up and I felt more like myself around month 4.  

Congratulations on one month quit!  More than that now I guess.  Good luck and keep fighting!

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From: xvaper


Yes, not easy to sit in my back yard without wanting to smoke a 'relaxing' cigarettes. It's sad we we make a connection between relaxing and breathing fresh air with wanting  to smoke.  I believe if I preserver, in time I will be able to re wire my brain.

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From: Loreficent


You definitely will re-wire! Soon too. I avoided my back deck first few weeks quit, and the first time I came out in the morning my hand automatically went to my hoodie pocket for smoke even though it had been a few weeks. Then I thought, “oh...right...don’t have those”. It was hard for maybe a minute or two and now I am out here all the time and rarely think about it. So...it will happen! Hang tough!


From: xvaper


Thank you for the encouragement. I am looking forward to that time! but its hard right now.