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Weaning off Chantix    Health Support and Encouragement

Started 7/29/20 by Eve1973; 7673 views.

From: Cazza2468


Oh ok

i was just wondering about the length of time weaning. Maybe I already asked. I’m ver forgetful these days. I weaned off over maybe a month and when I finally stopped I didn’t notice anything at all

good luck



From: Cocoa60


Great going Eve.  I used this forum and Chantix to stop back in 2007.

Have a great day.


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From: Eve1973


So another month has passed, still having craves/thoughts, the cravings are easily dismissed, but the thoughts are maddening. Seriously why after all this time should I still THINK about it. But I know I’m NOT crazy because others further along and a lil behind me are still “thinking “ about it!

Just shows how much this addiction had over me! I would not let a human treat me this bad, had no idea I actually was doing this to myself! Anyway moving on to weaning off......I have started the new regime!

Now 1/2 pill every morning

1/2 pill at night every other day

So will do this for another 30days and hope I can get thru this!

I know I am weaning off sloooooowly but this is what’s best for me!


From: gkim


It’s ok to do it slowly. The important thing is you’re not smoking and you are weaning. Nice


From: Loreficent


Wow Eve. There is an angle that I’m sure many of us haven’t taken with this the power of addiction; “ I wouldn’t let a human treat me this bad”. 
Hmmmm. Definitely not. What a good way to look at it and fuel our fight! Thanks!

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From: Cocoa60


Great going Eve.  Think I took 6 to 9 months to wean off Chantix.  Hardly notice since

I smoked 38 years across 40 years.  So very glad it's way back in the past. 

Have a great day.


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From: Eve1973


Ok it’s been a rollercoaster of craves. But I kept the dosage longer because of that.....I did finally cut that down by doing the at night pill every 2 days.....did that for 2weeks.

So now I my only dosage is 1/2 a pill in morning......going to try that probably til end of month or if I feel can do sooner I will start skipping days earlier. For me its what I feel my body is telling me. I’m excited to be free of the meds, but I really am apprehensive about just cold turkeying it! Yes I made that word up.....lol

So you are caught up......will post more when changes, but so far yes thoughts, and all that goes with it, but easy to dismiss. 

Hugs to all in the journey to freedom!

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From: Eve1973


So just to update this thread.......I started doing every 2 days I would take the Chantix, but then I 

Got Covid........

so needless to say I had absolutely no desire to smoke, so I just stopped the Chantix. It’s been almost 2weeks without it, so I am clear and free from NRTs. 

End of my story for weaning off Chantix.....oh and my Covid story, still a lil under weather, but feeling better everyday! 

Cheers to all who quit, you just don’t know how happy I am to have quit and be successful before I got Covid. 

I hope everyone in their journey to freedom learns ONE THING....... doesn’t matter how you succeed, using NRTs or cold turkey.....it’s JUST SUCCEEDING!!!

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From: Diane0217


Yay, I finally found this thread! 

I'm on Day 60 of no smoking, no vaping, no nicotine in any form, but I have been using Chantix.

Y'all may be aware that Pfizer has put a production hold on Chantix, and it is currently unavailable. It's not on recall, they just aren't shipping out any product at this time.
I was lucky and got the last of what my pharmacy had in stock - 56 tablets. I'm really worried, because I don't know if I'm ready to quit using the Chantix, but I don't have a choice.
Weaning off it hadn't occurred to me until just a couple of days ago, and then again when Eve replied to my first post in the Newcomers area. I'm going to start taking 1 tablet a day now and hope that it helps.

I'm like you, Eve, in that I *think* about smoking all the time. I'm past the actual nicotine cravings, but I probably think about smoking at least a dozen times a day. It drives me crazy.

Wish me luck. I really am nervous about not being able to get more Chantix. I've only been on it for about 90 days, and don't think I'm ready to be without the stuff yet.

  • Edited July 30, 2021 8:02 pm  by  Diane0217

From: Eve1973


I understand completely. If you completely read the thread I even cut them in half, just to help. 

Congratulations on 60 days! It’s a tough road, but possible!

I am now exactly 1 year and 6 months free of nicotine! I still think about it, but I’m extremely happy that I chose to take my life back. 

Keep up the good work and do not be discouraged if you “think” about it, but be proud you didn’t ACT ON IT!