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Weaning off Chantix    Health Support and Encouragement

Started 7/29/20 by Eve1973; 3859 views.
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From: Eve1973


So another month has passed, still having craves/thoughts, the cravings are easily dismissed, but the thoughts are maddening. Seriously why after all this time should I still THINK about it. But I know I’m NOT crazy because others further along and a lil behind me are still “thinking “ about it!

Just shows how much this addiction had over me! I would not let a human treat me this bad, had no idea I actually was doing this to myself! Anyway moving on to weaning off......I have started the new regime!

Now 1/2 pill every morning

1/2 pill at night every other day

So will do this for another 30days and hope I can get thru this!

I know I am weaning off sloooooowly but this is what’s best for me!


From: gkim


It’s ok to do it slowly. The important thing is you’re not smoking and you are weaning. Nice


From: Loreficent


Wow Eve. There is an angle that I’m sure many of us haven’t taken with this the power of addiction; “ I wouldn’t let a human treat me this bad”. 
Hmmmm. Definitely not. What a good way to look at it and fuel our fight! Thanks!

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From: Cocoa60


Great going Eve.  Think I took 6 to 9 months to wean off Chantix.  Hardly notice since

I smoked 38 years across 40 years.  So very glad it's way back in the past. 

Have a great day.